Volkswagen has an Electrical Future

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Volkswagen has an Electrical Future

Electrification of vehicles is the only solution to reduce emissions and Volkswagen’s future is definitely electric

Diesel gate has forced Volkswagen to review its overall strategy and re-launch its product portfolio, the VW Group Board Management has announced some critical changes about the future direction of VW Group. The two point agenda will be implemented with immediate effect. VW will focus “to cut costs” and establish new platform for the development of modular electric cars for future.

Dr. Herbert Diess, CEO of the passenger cars division at Volkswagen, has predicted massive changes in the future of passenger mobility. He said that the reorientation of the diesel strategy is now on its way and alongside this change, MEB Modular Toolkit will be introduced. With the instigation of new changes, entire range will be standardized as electric and plug-in hybrid.

Diess claims the next Phaeton, designed as the brand’s ‘halo’ car for technology, will be a pure-electric drive luxury saloon with “long-distance capability, connectivity and next-generation assistance systems”. It’ll inspire a full range of plug-ins, high-volume electric vehicles with ranges of 185 miles and 48-volt mild hybrids.

The MEB Toolkit will allow electric tech to be used across all body styles and vehicle types in VW’s range. The firm says that it will allow “particularly emotional vehicle concepts” (which could mean sports cars) and a range anywhere from 150 to over 300 miles.

The strategy changes also focus on improving cost efficiency, following the massive share price drop the firm suffered after admitting to rigging emissions tests in the US. Investments will be reduced by €1bn a year, with the core product range taking a priority. This could mean loss-making projects, such as the next-generation Bugatti Veyron, could take a back seat.

Despite the commitment to electric tech, VW will push forward with petrol and diesel engines, pledging to improve efficiency further. AdBlue tech will become mandatory across European and North American models, while petrol and CNG concepts will be developed further.