Volkswagen Concept Sport Saloon On MQB-B Platform Made Its Debut At The Beijing Auto Show 2014

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Volkswagen Concept Sport Saloon On MQB-B Platform Made Its Debut At The Beijing Auto Show 2014

Volkswagen MQB Platform

This new coupe wears MQB-B platform and weighs less than the Jetta


Volkswagen concept sport saloon on MQB-B platform made its debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2014. This new coupe sits on MQB-B platform and weighs less than Jetta. Wearing the Modular Transverse Matrix platforms, Volkswagen’s new Sport Saloon concept will be lower and shorter than a Jetta, also weighing less than a Jetta and wider than a Passat and will have a 2.0 litre turbo engine. According to Volkswagen “it’s what customers all over the world can look forward to over the next few years.”



Having a first look at it would tell you that the designers at VW have not taken any shortcuts with the detailing as even tiny spots of this magnificent saloon make its presence felt and draw people towards it. The first bar of its three-bar grille is painted in high gloss black to give it a lower look, the front side of the lower two bars finished in the chrome while the back side is brushed aluminium. The front is specially designed to accommodate the finned ornamental modules that act as cooling vanes for the LED headlamps.


When looked from the side, it gives a full view of its wonderful short decklid and long hood separated by a lower sill in metal. Its 20-inch wheels complement the Dragon Red paint and the spokes also carry the body colour where inner surfaces in black harmonise the roof panel in high gloss black. The rear is also a work of art as it houses 3D LED tail lamps with aluminium. With its powerful 2.0 litre turbo engine giving 217 horsepower, this coupe will hit 62 mph in just 6.5 seconds. It will use a seven-speed dual clutch transmission and about 37 mpg of fuel economy.

According to VW they will not sacrifice the passenger and cargo space.

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