Skoda Superb is Still a Superb Car

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Skoda Superb is Still a Superb Car


Skoda Superb continues to outshine its competitors by living within the means of average person

Superb as a flagship model of Skoda line-up has always been offering a bit more for its lovers. The 2015 Superb is full of refinement tweaks and elevated comfort levels. Skoda said that the new Superb will be offered as a car that everyone can afford.

New Superb Structure

New Skoda Superb is based on the VW Group’s MQB architecture and it weighs 75 kg less than its predecessors, but has virtually expanded in every direction. The 2015 model is 28mm longer and 47mm wider and offers an 80mm longer wheel base.

Rear compartment of the Superb offers wider legroom and considerably larger elbow room. It offers 39mm more room at the front and 69mm at the rear. The head room has also increased by 3mm at the top and 25mm at the rear.

The Superb Engines

Superb offers a range of efficient Skoda Engines to give the customers a great choice to choose from. There are seven engines available; all offered with turbo charging technology and no one is larger than four cylinders. The transmissions are offered in both DSG and manual modes including all-wheel drive and front wheel drive only modes.

Petrol engines range from 123bhp to 276bhp; 1.4 TSI petrol engine offers 123bhp of power and a 2.0 litre TFSI is capable of cranking 276bhp.

Superb diesel engines start from 1.6 litres TDi Greenline and it cranks out 118bhp. This diesel engine emits 95g/km of carbon, but you won’t see this unit till next year. Skoda predicts that the 2.0 litre TDi engine with 148bhp will be the best seller. This engine will offer fuel economy of 62.8 miles per gallon and the carbon emissions of 118g/km. It will be more fuel efficient when paired with DSG auto gearbox.

If someone sticks with the six speed manual gearbox then he will enjoy fuel economy of 68.9 miles per gallon and carbon emissions of 108g/km.