Audi Q3 is Cheap and Luxurious

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Audi Q3 is Cheap and Luxurious

Audi Q3

You get lane departure warning as standard and top trim pack Prestige not offered

Audi Q3 is an economical alternative in subcompact size to expensive Audi SUVs. It is good at handling, interior quality and drive experience. With these facts you get lot of reasons to own this vehicle for your traveling. Basics are very much like Audi but price is low than other options of similar type vehicles.

It has been ranked highly among subcompact SUVs so efforts made by Audi are appreciated and rewarded. Ride is comfortable but agility also sharp and thus nice balance achieved for Q3 buyers. Tech features have been made simple to bring in use so cabin occupants develop familiarity with them in little time.

Some changes have been made in the new model of Q3. You get lane departure warning as standard and top trim pack Prestige not offered. Features you earlier bring in use through the trim are made available in other two packages. Audi has intelligently made this new model of Q3 more desired than ever before.

All wheels drive configuration is great plus for the vehicle and you find it very useful for difficult terrains and tough weather conditions. Used Audi Q3 engines are installed to avoid buying new costly engines. These units are reliable because of the rigorous testing of the units.

When you have guarantee of performance and all bad parts removed then you can feel confident to decide in favour of such used car engines. Audi Q3 is a reliable and durable vehicle so you can keep driving after replacement of engine.

It is a kind of advancement people appreciate

Interior quality and safety features of it get the best ratings from critics. Overall rating of the vehicle in subcompact SUVs segment is 3 so you can see how highly rated this vehicle has been. You get 2.0 litre unit with capacity to produce 228 hp so there is adequate muscle to haul this vehicle effortlessly.

Buyers get 2.0 litre replacement engines for Audi Q3 at different rates and their cost depends on quality. The cabin is spacious and equipped with modern tech features. This opulence is paired with ride comfort so you surely enjoy luxury of the vehicle.

Infotainment system has Apple Car-play connectivity as well as handwriting recognition. This recognition system allows you to control different features by just drawing letters, numbers and symbols on a pad having touch sensitive surface. It is a kind of advancement people appreciate and while on the move you can get to the required feature instantly.

Such progress by luxury car makers proves that they have been working on advancement of technology for their vehicles. Sportiness has also been offered with all above said features and qualities. This is a good package for different buyers and they will be pleased to have splendid features.

Fuel economy for urban areas is 19 mpg whereas on highway it returns bit decent 27 mpg. With 2.0 litre unit this fuel economy is not good and buyers find it hard to afford. Cargo space at rear most is also not generous and some rivals offer well than Audi Q3. All wheels drive configuration could be a cause to this high fuel average.

This extra bit of punch will increase sportiness

There are many good options present in this segment of SUVs so Audi has to keep improving Q3 to stay in competition. Audi has shuffled some features and the abandoned prestige trim features now find place in list of optional specifications.

Couple of years back the engine was made powerful with notable increase of power 28hp whereas torque improved by 51 pounds-feet. This extra bit of punch will increase sportiness and reduce time require for acceleration. Exterior styling has also been improved in the latest model of the car. Stylish exterior is now for all models of Q3.

When you look at price of the car you find it lower than subcompact luxury SUVs normally available at. It is really good for selling vehicle and buyers surely feel it worth considering. Both German rivals of the vehicle are close competitors and they surpasses this vehicle in some areas. Audi has marvelous cabin qualities, tech features and rides quality.

This adjustment is electric

Cargo space of 23.7 cubic feet is good but when you sacrifice second-row seats it increases only to 48 cubic feet. This is even below average because rivals offer far better cargo area with folded rear row seats. This vehicle has seats for five and with leather-wrapped seats you find it luxurious place.

Front seats can be adjusted in twelve ways so you surely find a relaxing position. This adjustment is electric, you do not need to do this adjustment manually. Sport seats option is also available and you can replace standard seats with these optional seats. Standard front-row seats are very comfortable but optional seats offer more side support. Rear seats are comfortable as well as spacious. For subcompact SUV space at the rear row is generous. These seats can slide and recline for extra relaxation possibility. Interior has been designed to keep things simple and clear. You do not need to mess up with features to find, one you need.