Clash of the Titans! BMW X3 vs Audi Q3 Overview

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Clash of the Titans! BMW X3 vs Audi Q3 Overview

BMW X3 vs Audi Q3


The all new x3 is one of the best SUV Crossovers available in the UK with all the right boxes ticked from driving sophistication to top choice of people across the European markets. It is the larger version of the legendary 3-series of BMW.

Engines offered in the X3

The legendary X3 is powered by several power units at the same time where there are three turbocharged engines are most admired by the buyers. The BMW X3 2.0-litre petrol engine and the same diesel engine are the best performers in the market and the top sellers as well 2.0-litre petrol engine is capable of generating around 245hp of power while the diesel engine is producing 180hp.

Diesel engine is ultra fuel efficient but it is still less admired in the market due to its lower refinement levels. An eight-speed automatic gearbox has been offered on the entire X3 series as a standard. Apart from the standard model features and offering, there is a long list of new features which are optional on the new X3 series.

In the interior options, the list is not that big but our experts said that it is very important to have Dynamic handling package with all its belongings. It is one of those several models which require your attention as a crossover lover.

BMW X3, the strong selling model..

There are hundreds of compact and crossover models are being introduced in the market in last couple of years and grab a massive part of the market but BMW has a status in the market. It has very strong competitors in the market like, Lexus nX, Lincoln MKc Acura and several models from Audi and Volkswagen are also in the line of competition. But it is not the end of the story because the golly still needs to be originating among the older sentinel, predominantly BMW’s X3.

The all new BMW X3 was first introduced in 2003 as the very first breed of the 3 series crossovers. After eight years, the X3 was entered into the second generation in 2011 and it was for the first time gets an important upgrade in 2015. Recently it has received a refinement package and revised styling and improved diesel and petrol engines.

Four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0-litre engines are the best in class in terms of fuel economy and overall performance. There are only two models that are actually exclusively admired in the UK and these models are BMW X3 xdrive28d and the X3 Xdrive28i. In our comparison test against Audi Q3, and the Range Rover Evoque, the BMW X3 has more points than both of them.

The turbocharged gasoline four-cylinder model won a comparison test against the Audi Q5 and the Range Rover Evoque, and we’ve also spent quality time with the four-cylinder xDrive28i and the pre-update xDrive35i. In the updated version, the driving experience was boosted actually.

The X3 chassis are giving an impression of being an adaptation of the 3 series promises better driving experience. While our desired choice is anything a lot minimise to the bottom, the X3 is inclined to play alongside, and its good fitted into day-to-day riding, too.

The steering is accurate and linear, and the chassis presents an experience-and-dealing with a steadiness that belies this crossovers’ top and weight, despite the fact that the ride can verge on too organisation with the better wheels and sportier suspension options, our model lacked. The X3’s standout trait, nonetheless, is effortlessly how cohesive it feels in performance; whether or not driven tough or at a lesser percent, its primary elements all work in harmony.

BMW’s most admired and, 300hp BMW N55 turbocharged engine is as gentle and tractable as in its many other applications, providing excellent power during its rev range, and it scoots the 4200-pound xDrive35i to 60 mph in a quite robust 5.3 seconds. BW has introduced the All-wheel drive is standard with this engine, as is a good programmed and unobtrusive eight-speed automatic transmission.

However, as with a couple of different features, braking distance from 70 mph was merely 15 feet which is the best. The body structure is strong, and the brake pedal offers consistent functionality, but the X3 still performs better.

Audi Q3 is truly a Crossover with 2.0-litre engines

Yes, it is the success of the Q5 that pushed Audi into the growing market of the premium crossovers they have elongated their success with the development of the Q3 in 2015. Audi Q3 looks very identical to its sibling but it’s not. Although it shares any means but it is a true performer with 2.0 litre Audi engines across the range. It also has a handsome cabin and very luxury features. It has a panoramic sunroof and leather upholstery and heated front seats with power adjustments.

Audi Q3 Crossover

Audi Q3 Crossover is almost 10 inches shorter than the total length of the Q5 however, it is 3 inches shorter in height but on the other hand, it is very fuel economical, thousands of pounds less expensive and comfortable. It has very comfortable seats but there are some bad points too that push it back in the list of the features if the new Q3. It is a bit less punchy and offers slow acceleration that you can’t expect from an Audi engine or even a model.

These newly developed compact crossover luxury SUV models are becoming more prevalent, and that means there’s a reasonable choice still available on the Audi models. From 2015, every Q3 has been arriving with 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine that is capable generating 207bhp and a 220 lb-ft of torque.

Although it is a very fuel economic Audi Q3 Engine and mated t seven-speed transmission and six-speed gearbox.  Audi has offered both all wheel drive and front wheel drive options on the new Q3 series.

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