Toyota Corolla Verso is a Practical MPV

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Toyota Corolla Verso is a Practical MPV

Toyota Verso MPV Performance

A lot of improvements can be noted in new models of the vehicle

From 2009, New Toyota Corolla Verso has got number of changes in exterior design, cabin layout and comfort and power machine to run it. It is a multipurpose van and with option of either seven seats or five seats. Range of engines comprises of two petrol and one diesel powerhouse. This category of vehicles is not overcrowded but quite a tough competition due to high standards set by rivals. That is why, every new model by the manufacturer has certain improvements to appeal the buyers. Comfort of the passengers and controlling the noise of engine are also major concerns of the engineers of the company.

To achieve better refinement, sound damping material has been used so that clamor may not enter in the cabin. Similarly reduction in wind noise has been improved by fitting smaller mirrors for doors. With all these inclusions, a far better vehicle than predecessor has been launched this year that can easily get a place on your list of top few MPV.

Toyota Verso Engines

The first petrol engine with an output of 130bhp may seem underpowered but the second one can satisfy your thirst for power as it has capacity of 145bhp. When you do not drive long distances in routine, then diesel option is certainly befitting that is refined as well as fuel efficient. This 1.6-Litre diesel engine can produce 108bhp. Driving experience is not dull and desired perk can be felt while pushing the speed pedal. Six speed manual gearbox seamless gear shifting enhances your satisfaction. Carbon emission is below the set standards so it is environment friendly too. Not only sound but vibrations are also absent inside cabin. There are two other engines also available. The Verso 2.0-Litre diesel engine and 2.2-Litre diesel engine.

Cabin of the car

Dashboard of the car is durable but not looking as an excellent work due to use of plastic. While looking at high quality of the cabin, it may seem misfit to many. Seats can be folded and Toyota system of easy fold is of good repute to use cabin for any other purpose. Second row is good for three adults but the last one is befitting only for children. Three trim levels are available to transform it according to you choices. Steel wheels, automatic front lights, to avoid fog heated mirrors and fog-lights are there in Active package. Driver seat height adjustment and safety technology are for interior of the car.

Mid-range trim Icon

The mid-range trim is Icon and it offers the buyers alloy wheels, power door mirror folding, auto wipers, cruise control and Toyota Touch 2 infotainment. Satellite navigation is for top models. Panoramic roof glass keeps the cabin well lighted and roomy cabin with plenty of storage space surely make it a reasonable choice. Door bins are huge to hold plenty of stuff and double glove box make it truly family van. Pop out trays for middle row and separate flexibility option for every seat can give an impression of upscale transport. It takes more time to cover distances so no need to be in hurry while riding it.