Toyota Avensis buy it with your Head

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Toyota Avensis buy it with your Head

Toyota Avensis

Your heart may not suggest this practical carrier, but it is worth buying

This could be a complete hatchback for those who are after a reliable, practical and spacious car with a sound engine and a comfortable interior. Some may take the exterior as not matching the tough nature of the sedan while for some engine does not show appropriate power.

But there is a specific class who buy this car and only they can see what this machine is about. Families who want a stable car with no complications and a delivering engine with safety intact will no doubt love Toyota Avensis. Its upgrade in 2015 gave it a new line and brought it in a reasonable position in the market.

Those who are used to this Toyota merely think of any other one. The running cost is low, the seating is blissful and with the standard 15inch wheels the suspension works at its best. In a reasonable price which other car can provide these attractive features.

Engine Range likely to show improvement

At present there are six engines which are offered of which three are petrol and three are diesel. All these six range from 110hp to 174hp which is good but it is not as attractive as cars of this range are. The problem is not with the power side; the thing is that there is no X-factor from the engine.

But this is not important for every one, some are contented with the way an engine can cruise safely on the motorway and deliver a fine performance when in crowded areas. Toyota Avensis is just the right choice when talking about all these traits.

In the future changes a major alteration of petrol engine capacity is expected which will take the upper limit to 200hp which can provide a speed gain.

Technology side is strong

Avensis has a really good technology line up even in the mid-range which many of its rivals lack at this level. The cluster of many things is not needed when you can have useful things in front of you. As every thing about this vehicle is non-baloney, technology side is also kept that way.

Every model has a good group of six speakers, AM and FM radio, a USB port and AUX jack, air conditioning, one touch electric windows, an auto-dimming rear view mirror, cruise control and audio controls on the steering wheel. Now if this is not enough then move up from the entry level and more awaits you.

There is an eight-inch infotainment display with Toyota’s Touch 2 software and satellite navigation, DAB radio, Wi-Fi connectivity, dual-zone climate control, reversing camera and power adjustment lumber support for the driver. This is still not enough for you? No problem move up and more is waiting for you.

Safety side is well assembled

The hatchback usually gets high rating in this aspect. The pre-collision system is always there to detect and apply brakes if the diver is not attentive. A laser and a camera system catch the danger and then act appropriately without delay.

When you consider the higher levels then ABS, Brake Assist, Hill start assist and more stability control, brighter LED lights, Lane Departure Alert and a wonderful road sign assist to keep the speed controlled. It is a worthy purchase when you are talking intelligently keeping all these lists in mind, regret can be kicked out easily with Toyota Avensis.