Seat Alhambra Gives Splendid All Round Performance

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Seat Alhambra Gives Splendid All Round Performance

Seat Alhambra

An award winning MPV with extraordinary features to stay on top

Award winning MPV must have some extraordinary features and three times the best in class must have been superior to all other. The best value of money is ensured when buyer purchase such a high rated vehicle. Sliding side doors add utility to this seven seat stylish multi purpose van. Seats for passengers and driver are not only comfortable but versatility is also striking. The biggest concern could be limited engine range and comparatively firm ride. Mechanically it is very much like another leading vehicle of Volkswagen but in many areas it proves far better than it like being well equipped and well built to carry people.

With recent updates and facelift of exterior of Seat Alhambra, the car becomes stylish and running cost also reduced. The practical use of the car confirms its superiority as size of the vehicle clearly defines that there is enough legroom for riders to stay relaxed during their journey.

Two Different Engines with different power output

The big vehicle is great to drive and you would never feel want of pull while moving it on different kinds of terrains. Only two engines are available for the buyers to make a selection. One is 1.4-Litre TSI petrol engine that is capable of producing 148bhp that is enough to satisfy thirst of power of person sitting on seat of control. But the Seat Alhambra 2.0 litre Turbo diesel Engine with 182bhp is real power machine to move with speed.

Total five trim levels are there and you can go for one that is affordable. All the trim options are great to explore and to bring in use.

Interior technology for entertainment

Infotainment system on reasonably wide screen is obviously easy to use and to enjoy. Bluetooth enhance connectivity and your selection possibility. For comfort of the riders, there is climate control for all three rows of seats and emergency brakes are common in all vehicles of this model. SE trim makes it more luxurious with tinted windows, cruise control, roof rails and auto headlights and wipers.

With connectivity upgrade smart-phones of the persons in cabin get connected and a number of other features are added to complete it. There are many other things like leather upholstery, sat navigation and rear view camera is also present in these trims.

Riders feel comfortable at high and low speed

When you sit on driving seat, you experience a car like feel though it is a big seven passenger automobile. Engine is agile to carry this number of people to their destination. One very patchy route suspension would not prevent bumps to disturb people riding on it. With good and rightly weighted steering wheel, driving becomes fun and you would not feel any kind of difficulty to handle rather a big vehicle. Automatic speed gearboxes enhance both fuel efficiency and performance whereas manual gearbox is also available.

The diesel engine has been preferred for its performance and power as the number of passengers and their luggage are not easy to pull. That is why, 182bhp is a better selection for this size of chassis.