A Review of the Mazda 6

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A Review of the Mazda 6

Mazda 6

A Good Choice with Good Engine

When a new model of a car is launched three basic areas immediately come in consideration outer look, facilities inside and most importantly performance of engine. The earlier features are expected to have an upgrade if not altered and engine technology also required being more efficient in fuel consumption and power. Mazda 6 is no exception and improvement is there to capture further market share of this category vehicle.

Smart look and availability in appealing colors it has made a good first impression. A midsized saloon having better fuel economy is always in demand in every region. With this you have good space cabin for front seats and seats at the back of front row.

Compact and impressive exterior easily make it a preferred choice when other qualities are of least importance for buyers. Handling is good of quick responsive power machine and it is also smooth at different speeds. Use of material is excellent to build all features of car so from every perspective it is a nice option this year. With all these a weaker area is no upgrade possible for machine that makes it run.

Incremental Alterations in Vehicle

A good number of changes are there in new model to transform it into more desirable. Front and back are redesigned that provides a very gorgeous appearance and new shaped LED lights add further quality to it. All new models except one with manual transmission have a wide touch screen and it was demand of the buyers that has been respected by manufacturers.

Another good thing is inclusion of parking electronic brake that certainly assists quite impressively. Dashboard, armrest and center console are also comes up with improvement to serve riders. These new facilities alienate it from previous version and also place it above competitors.

Best of Mazda 6

Engine performance is great but with such a statement you cannot expect claim of fuel economy. But it is there in 2016 Mazda 6 a true combination of efficiency and saving. Among non-hybrid saloons it is at top with 32mpg in combined driving.

For a family car it is more than average. When it comes to acceleration again it is more than adequate so bait for speed conscious people is present to turn their heads to it. The rivals having four cylinders are outdone in this regard too. It is fantastic to drive with enthusiasm as it has best base four cylinders engine in the market.

Drive is front wheel and passenger capacity is five so rightly called a saloon falling in middle. Ideal for sport, touring and long distance drive. Speed transmissions are six and available in both manual and automatic so choice is of buyers.

Diesel Engine reaches to speed of 60mph in 7.6 seconds that is really quick for this size of car. Manual transformation performs a bit slower than this but not bad either. Standard safety features are normal but for more you need sport version and that let you have review camera and automatic emergency notification in case of crash.