Porsche Planned To Power Its 969 With An Audi V8 Engine

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Porsche Planned To Power Its 969 With An Audi V8 Engine

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Porsche 969 with an Audi V8 engine is a thing from the past


Porsche engineers tried to make something that would really shock the world, different looks along with all possible Porsche engine configurations were looked at and the prototype was based on the 959 which then got dubbed into the 969.


One of subject of these experiments was a 964 911 which had somewhat a stretched out rear end taken from the legendry 959. What was the most interesting aspect of that experiment was its powertrain, for the first time, Porsche used an Audi engine which was a water-cooled V8.



When the prototype first came out, Porsche was very confident that it has checked all the boxes. It was surely cost-effective, powerful indeed, and had got everything to take the 959 concept to a whole new level.


It was very unfortunate that this lone wolf never made it to the assembly line due to the shakeups in the management and the world has lost a supercar in the guise of 911. But you can still have a look at this mysterious prototype as it is lying in Porsches’ Zuffenhausen warehouse wearing matt back dress.