Luxury and Style Combined in Audi A4

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Luxury and Style Combined in Audi A4

Audi A4 Luxury Style

A perfect saloon that embrace elegance and performance

An automobile is an essential part of life these days. For those who are car lovers and crazy about driving perfect cars, Audi A4 gives them an appealing choice. The owner of this car will not be disappointed due to its worthwhile qualities and the way it performs at the road.

Its trim variety and engines offered are very impressive. With minor downsides this vehicle stands head high against its competitors. Due to the features and driving comfort Audi A4 offers, its negative aspects can be easily ignored or even not considered at all. Interior and engine power are two very strong ingredients of this luxury class saloon.

Engine Choices:

There are some very attractive ranges put forward in the engine line up. For the diesel side, the starting engine is of 2.0-Liter Engine with 148bhp that has a satisfactory performance. Coming to the next level is the 187bhp engine, scoring a little more on road. Then there is the 3.0-Liter engine with 218bhp and a better performance and then, the 2.0-Litre engines.

It is smoother in its drive and takes the lead in the diesel engine line-up. There is an alteration present in the 3.0-Liter engine with four-wheel drive option. But the upgrading is not necessary as the standard front wheel drive gives all that is needed.

For the petrol side, the two standard engines are of 1.4-Liter and 2.0-Liter with 187 bhp. But these versions are not as popular as the diesel ones which are more economical and buyer friendly.

Engine Capability:

Audi A4 is not much sporty in its ride, but the plus point is that it wins the heart by providing comfort while driving. The 2.0-Lliter diesel engine produces 252 horsepower which gives it a quick start and movement throughout. There is a seven-speed automatic gearbox present which gives an excellent mind free calm drive.

Driving Pleasure:

The engine is quick in terms of start off and on the way; even with a fully loaded car, it do not become sluggish or slow at any time.

The car is very suitable for windy roads where it is smooth and do not bother its passengers. The ride is quick and according to what the makers say about the car. Although the rivals may be offering an attractive driving experience but Audi A4 provides comfort which secures the top position for it. The automobile secures its passengers from the lumps and bumps and performs extremely well on dips and crusts. The body movement does not get effected on rough roads or sharp turns.

Interior Luxury:

The car offers a high class luxury seating and leg room. Even the driver comfort is kept in mind in this marvelous piece of engineering. This 5 rider capacity vehicle is well equipped in the technical aspect. The 12.3 inch LCD is easy to use with a virtual view to make it more users friendly.

The car comes with parking sensors that have the facility of front and reverse sensors to give additional help for preventing collision. Blind-spot monitoring is also there to prevent collision, especially with cyclists or pedestrians. Then there is a complete package of infotainment; Bluetooth, sat-nav, SD card slot, two USB ports, DAB control, voice control, and many more additional features in Audi A4 that can be installed on demand.