Looking for an inexpensive Car, buy Seat Leon

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Looking for an inexpensive Car, buy Seat Leon


Plenty of technology and smart features make it a worthy vehicle

The first look of this automobile gives you a pleasant wow effect. This third generation Latest Seat Leon is a nice looking hatchback with distinguished styling and plenty of features which can attract a price-conscious buyer. Due to raft of updates in the exterior and interior, the company has designed a machine which is in the top ranks of its category. Based on the perfect Golf MQB platform and technology that equals Golf, Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia, the engines perform flawlessly and give you a lovely feel of being in the above mentioned perfections. The outlooks certainly distinguish it from others especially from Golf.

There are inclined headlights, upgraded bumper and sharp prominent lines which are pleasing to the eyes. The changes are not just from the outside the interior cabin also gets improved installments for ultimate drive pleasure that equals the top positioning.

Engines Blending Power and Economy

The wide range of engines gives ample choice to the purchaser providing something for everyone. For a choosy buyer, it becomes easy to obtain the one that fits the needs and proves itself friendly to the pocket. The engine line-up have eight varieties, some are fit for short distances while others maintain the standard at long coverage. 1.0-Litre and 1.4-Litre engines produce the same 123bhp, with them is a Leon 1.6-Litre TDI engine which is capable of producing 148bhp. Then there is a 2.0-Litre engine that also punches 148bhp for power.

Up the range are two engines which are efficient and provide adequate on road running; an 182bhp 2.0-Litre engine and a 179bhp 1.8-Litre TSI. These two are only available in the higher spec models. The topper among these is a 296bhp 2.0-Litre TSI with exceptional power and start off time.

Handling and Drive

Leon is great to drive, have very good road manners and leads its way with all in one quality stance. The hatchback is quiet most of the times, jolts are felt on the individual corners in severe cases but the suspension makes the ride a firm case in any road situation. The Cupra 300 has become sophisticated with its upgrade which it was not in its previous forms. This one is a very healthy and economical substitute for Golf which is the main objective of this range existence. With Cupra, the speed is as fast as a hatchback can sustain and with a price within the reach of your wallet.

Interior is as magnificent as its Exterior

The cabin of Seat Leon is more adventurous than Golf, although it can give a plain look at first glance. The interior has a quality appearance with the soft on touch dash. All the materials used inside reflects the high standard.

There is generous boot and leg space and the rear seats can easily adjust adults without making them uncomfortable. Comfort factor is at its peak, even the sports mode does not get uneasy throughout the journey. Volkswagen standard touch screen rests high up in the dashboard with its clear vision and easy system. On the technology side, there is wireless phone charging, traffic sign recognition, traffic jam assistance, smartphone tech such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink are already available in the current model.