Let’s Fall in Love with Skoda Fabia

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Let’s Fall in Love with Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia 2015

Skoda Fabia Hatchback Has a Funky Colour with Sensational Driving Pleasure

Skoda has gained the fame in recent years with the help of its funky colour schemes and different technological advancements including very flexible Skoda Fabia engines. It is another model that comes in an excellent configurations to make the driving sensational and a funky colour.

It is the Fabia and by default, a sensible, good value and practical hatchback. This time it is about to appeal the youthful audiences of the Fabia with a new vibrant and funky colour.

What colours offered?

There are several colours offered including a choice of green, blue, black and white with couple of contrasting options like black or white roof on any other colour. You can also opt for contrasting on the wing, mirror and wheels.

However, blue and white cars may not be the taste of everyone and there is no doubt that Skoda will appeal the buyers in the supermini segment. Competitive to the Volkswagen Polo supermini, it is refined and beautiful supermini with vibrant colours.

Skoda Fabia engines

Skoda Fabia can be ordered any of the two engines offered in the market and the colour scheme will also be as your requirement. There are two engines available where 3-cylinder 1.0-litre engine generates only 74bhp, while the other option is slightly larger 1.2-litre that can produce 89bhp of power.

Both engines are pretty frugal, and can be explained as exceptionally slow, however, you can ask for any colour on these engines.

Practicality of the New Supermini

Getting momentum at motorway speeds is a real fight and it is tough, so there is no chance of any overtaking at higher speeds and you won’t be doing any as well but it’s smooth, cool, sophisticated and a superb around town vehicle. It tries to keep the speeds up with the traffic on the road and all this power comes from 3-cylinder engine. For the young buyers, it is cheap to insure.