Land Rover Discovery 4 – Still The Best 4×4 in The UK

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Land Rover Discovery 4 – Still The Best 4×4 in The UK

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Land Rover Discovery 4 is a Swiss army knife of off-roaders

The Discovery 4 is one of the best off-roaders in the UK and it is known as the Swiss army knife in the automotive circles. Discovery is one of the luxury vehicles produced by the JLR. The Discovery 4 is a legendary MPV and 4×4, has the ability to carry seven adults and still has some spare room for their luggage. There are a number of gadgets offered on the vehicle, it is as capable as any off-roader offered in the market so far. The Discovery 4 is one of the most comfortable people carriers on the motorway and thundering along the roads like a pro.

The latest model of the Discovery 4 looks stylish and sleeker as compared to the previous models in the UK. It is offered in both front and all-wheel drive variations and at the same time, the Land Rover Discovery 4 engine army has both six-cylinder engines and 4 cylinder engines to offer in both diesel and petrol variations. The latest Discovery 4 engines are highly capable to compete for the models like Audi Q7, Volvo XC90 and BMW X5. All these models are competitors of Discovery 4 in the UK market.

Land Rover Started its Own Engines Production

The credit goes to Jaguar that has taken initiative to produce in-house engines and get rid of the Ford and BMW engines at the beginning of this decade. Now Land Rover is making its own engines and using all over the Jaguar and Land Rover models.

Essentially, Land Rover Discovery is using the same engine which has been used in the Jaguar XF saloon and it was revised in 2011, the 2993 cc V6 engine with turbo power burns diesel and generates 252bhp at 4000rpm. At the same time, this engine generates a hefty pulling power of 442lb-ft of torque at just 2000rpm. It is the only engine makes available in the new Discovery 4 and fitted to the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. Discovery 4 with all these features has excellent straight-line performance and a similar off-roading capability. On the motorway, it is not a quicker car but when it goes off-road, there is nothing better than riding a Discovery 4. Discovery 4 offers an unparalleled refinement and a transmission capable of delivering the utmost performance with extreme efficiency.

As stated earlier that the Discovery 4 is a slower vehicle on the motorway and it takes just under 10 seconds to reach the 62 miles per hour while cruising on the motorway. The ZF automatic transmission chooses the ratios intelligently and makes the performance even best with an ample feel of power.

Different Types

There are two types of Land Rover enthusiasts, one who love to do some hardcore off-roading and the others who use the Land Rover Discovery 4 as a casual everyday ride. If you are a casual off-roader, the old Discovery 4 made sense and for the others, the new Discovery is too plush and too fragile. The new model is an incredibly smart and good looking model with an appealing Land Rover tag.

Living with the Land Rover Discovery 4 models is such an inspiring thing where it has a massive aftermarket in the UK to help you if your Land Rover faces any faults. Even if the engine blows out, you do not need to visit the dealers and pay big prices. There are hundreds of Discovery 4 reconditioned diesel engines suppliers who can offer you a fully reconditioned engine at highly competitive prices and all the engines come with a standard warranty as well. It is accepted by the testers that once you ride the Discovery, it would be hard for you to go for any other vehicle.