Jaguar XE! Next Generation Performance Saloon

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Jaguar XE! Next Generation Performance Saloon

Jaguar XE

The First JLR Model Built on the JLR Modular Platform and Bringing up new Driving Dynamics

Jaguar unveils the next generation of it XE performance saloon and it is on sale since last year. This XE version is on sale as a standard but the XE S trim is coming as a flag carrier of jaguar. It is the first model that built on the JLR modular platform, set to run the jaguar XE with the new driving dynamics.

What it Looks Like?

Visually, the new architecture allow the Jaguar XE to have a smart overhang on the front and longer on the rear.

It places the cabin in an extra laid back position to give the car a coupe shape while being a saloon. It has a muscular appearance due to a strong hood and angry shaped headlights. It has a broad grille and sharp waistlines to add a feeling of agility and strong presence on the road.

Jaguar X-Type Engines

Jaguar XE is equipped with a 2.0-litre Jaguar X-Type engine capable of generating 179bhp of power which starts flowing from just 4000 rpm at full pressure.

The pushing power is also very good with 317 lb-ft of torque and all it comes from a common rail direct injection diesel delivery.

Jaguar XE Engine Performance

The all new JLR Ingenium engines used in Land Rover Discovery, in the Jaguar XE offers some hefty figures and returns 65 miles per gallon on the motorway cruising. It is not that bad while facing the city traffic and manages around 47 miles per gallon.

Collectively, the XE manages to return 55 miles per gallon. From a stand still to 62 miles per hour, it takes just under eight seconds and gets the top speed of 144 miles per hour with eight-speed automatic transmission.

Get Inside the Jaguar XE

Get inside the new XE and you will feel more spacious interior, while also caring them via an exclusively elegant centre console which creates an affectionate cockpit.

The dash and controls are inspired by the F-Type model while gloss black and textured aluminium fixings offer a luxurious yet sporty atmosphere and exciting driving experience.