General Motors Again Criticised by Senator Richard Blumenthal

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General Motors Again Criticised by Senator Richard Blumenthal

Senator Blumenthal On GM

General Motors Criticised by a leading US senator over fresh ignition switch revelations

Previous ignition switch issues were settled after a massive recall by General Motors, but fresh revelations stated that GM continued to hide the realities regarding serious safety issues. This time, GM has faced serious criticism from a mainstream US Senator, where he declared company’s conduct “Outrageous” and also called for more hearings on Capitol Hill.

He is none other than Senator Richard Blumenthal from the District of Connecticut. It is the same district from where the first causality was reported when a female driver fell victim to ignition switch problem.

Senator very strongly criticised GM at that time and condemned the problem as “unconscionable chain of error and denial that caused it and the outrageous, deliberate concealment that kept her family in the dark.”

He is also known as one of the top critics of GM followed by millions of unhappy customers and the general public. The ignition switch issue is now linked to at least 32 deaths. On Tuesday Senator said that GM’s “continuing, purposeful concealment strains credulity, and stains the company’s conscience – setting back efforts to reclaim GM’s good name.”

His comments came one day after The New York Times reported GM has collected some critical information from the family of Jean Averill, the woman killed in a single-car crash in Connecticut back in 2003.

The investigation reports said that the car was crashed due to ignition switch issues. GM has accepted the death of Averill and identified as one of the 13 victims. GM conducts the investigation after the incident, but the details were kept hidden from Averill’s family. Children of Averill finally found the link to their mother’s death and now they are filing a claim with GM’s Compensation fund.