Chance to Win Aston Martin Factory Trip

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Chance to Win Aston Martin Factory Trip

Aston Martin

If you think you are really good at converting your brilliant ideas onto canvas, then here is your chance to win a trip to Aston Martin factory by designing your dream car

Do you know which automaker comes up at the top of the annual Cool Brands chart as the best car manufacturer in the world, then it is no other than Aston Martin. It is renowned globally for the most exotic supercars ever made.

Aston Martin is encouraging everyone to pick up pen and paper and start converting their inspiration of a super hot exotic car onto the paper. You will be designing the Vantage S with v12 engine which has been acclaimed as one of the most evocative cars the company has ever made.

The design team of Aston, headed by Mark Reichman, will then have a look at your design and will work on bringing it to life only with minor update tweaks. Now the big question is what will you get in return?

Why would you exert such efforts in drawing a car all by yourself? Well the answer is pretty obvious; you’ll get a chance to win a trip to the Aston Martin factory where you’ll have the opportunity to witness behind the scenes work done on your Aston Martin at the Warwickshire headquarters.

You’ll also get the chance to meet those brilliant minds, responsible for all the beautiful cars that we see every now and then. To some, it might be another publicity stunt pulled over by the company but to others, it sure is one crazy idea which will create quite a stir. Let’s wait and see how things turn up.