BMW and Nissan Show Keen Interest in Using Tesla Vehicle Charging Technology

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BMW and Nissan Show Keen Interest in Using Tesla Vehicle Charging Technology


Many companies who produce electric cars are very much interested in utilising Tesla’s Vehicle Charging Technology. Tesla will not patent its technology and is willing to provide it to whoever wants to use it.


Tesla is one of the largest automakers especially famous for its “Electric Vehicles” and its intensive work for vehicle charging technology. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk made an announcement earlier this week stating that Tesla had absolutely no interest whatsoever in bringing patent lawsuits against anyone who wants to use their technology.


To get the things done in old fashion way, two of the largest vehicle manufacturers, BMW and Nissan, famous for their efficient engines packed in luxury vehicles, are showing keen interest in having a chat with Tesla to discuss the possibility of working together on the development of a wider charging network that will benefit all three manufacturers.



For some, this announcement was a good sign, suggesting that the company is more than willing to push the boundaries of electric vehicle market to new heights, but to others, it’s kind of a company’s weakness for putting in desperate measures to move a bit further into an industry which is dominated by gasoline vehicles. Some of the critics also argue that there are strong possibilities that Tesla as an individual might not have that kind of oomph to make a strong position or share in the difficult car market.


BMW and Nissan are both interested in working out some universal vehicle charging standards in collaboration with Tesla – just like how the mobile phones are using the same charger and connecting slots – so the electric vehicles all around could benefit from them. It would make charging vehicles anywhere, anytime, a lot easier.


Well the good thing is, this would not be the first joint venture of Tesla with any other manufacturer, it already has joined hands with German giant Mercedes-Benz who is using Tesla’s charging system and some other electrical component in Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive.