A Stylish Family MPV, Seat Altea

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A Stylish Family MPV, Seat Altea

Seat Altea

A blend of mid-sized hatchback and a mini MPV

The MPV is considered as the most stylish one in its class. Although the rivals do offer more but style is where Seat Altea wins among them. Altea gives a shoulder for those to cry their bachelor life out as Altea is what a family man will choose. The transition of a bachelor status to a married and with children is a nice one but when you have to give away your lovable car choice and purchase what will be good for the family, then some of the people do feel sorry for themselves. But, New Seat Altea solves your problem to some extent by offering you features that are present in the mid-sized saloons combined with its own.

This eases the sudden change providing a feel of a lower car. This MPV is altogether a practical choice for the family as well as entertaining in a moderate way. Although, the vehicle is struggling to make a place among its rivals but till now it is failing. Hopefully in the next upgrade, there would be some pleasant surprise for all the MPV customers.

Engine choices:

There are three engines offered for choice with diesel ones being punchier. The Altea 1.6-Litre TDI is for those who are nature friendly and want their carrier to be environmental friendly. This engine is categorized as Ecomotive and it comes with an automatic DSG seven-speed transmission, the gear change is immensely fast. For a more punchy drive the Altea 2.0-Litre TDI engine is a reliable answer which is for those who desire a more speedy drive than the starting one. Then there is a 1.2-Litre petrol engine that gives of 104bhp but it will be a hard choice for those who look for green engines.

Cabin Specifications:

For Seat Altea, it is said that is a sportier and more stylish version of Volkswagen Golf Plus. The interior is as stylish as it is from outside with a lot of boot and head space. There is a plenty of space for luggage also and with its extra places where luggage can be kept but its size depends on the space provided. The seats can fold and more space becomes available for use. All the trim levels come with front electric windows, heated door mirrors, air conditioners and MP3 connectivity. With leveling up, every trim offer something more and it justifies its price and its claim of providing fun to the passengers.

Safety and Reliability:

These two things are very important when it comes to transporting a family. Seat Altea scores well on its safety and reliability feature. The body resistance is good in case of crash and in most of the cases the passengers inside the MPV remain safe as the build quality is very good. As this MPV is said to be a sister product of VW Golf, the problem factor remains very less. And till now there have been no major reports of problems occurring in this vehicle. Six airbags, traction control, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and electronic brake assist are the features that comes as standard in all the models of Seat Altea.