5 Good Sports Car Investments

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5 Good Sports Car Investments


Owning a sports car doesn’t put you in mid-life crisis, only if you choose from the five cars selected by our experts

It is an extraordinary experience to own a sports car, but the majority cannot afford the expenses that come with owning a sports car.

ALG gives residual value awards to the cars which have best residual values in their life and this time we have selected top five cars from their award list. These five cars have surprisingly good residual value than those family saloons you normally buy for your family. Let’s check the list.

Mazda 3

When one thinks of Mazda 3, you think that it is not a sports car or even have any sports car looks but do not forget that it is the best little family saloon that your money can buy. It is a good investment with best residual value.

Dodge Charger

The best muscle car ever made that gives a tough time to Ford’s Mustang family on every track. The entire line-up of charger models has a great residual value and remains very solid investment even after many years. It gives you a real feel of having a sports car.

Subaru WRX

A luxurious, powerful and all-purpose saloon with four door options, it is none other but the WRX from Subaru. Subaru WRX offers a new torque-vectoring technology that increases the standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system’s abilities. It gives more powerful and hefty response on the road.

Audi TT

If you think that a Coupe version is a sports car of your choice then Audi TT ticks all the right boxes. It remains a valuable asset even after many years and an epitome of an authentic design icon and a performance machine. It has symmetrical features to the R8 which is an expensive sports car.

Porsche Macan

All new Porsche Macan is a true driving machine with most practical attributes and fun while driving. It holds the top position on the list. According to the Porsche officials,“The Macan combines all sports car characteristics with the benefits of an SUV and is a genuine Porsche”