2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Only Small Car for Company Buyers

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2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Only Small Car for Company Buyers

Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2016

Toyota Yaris hybrid is the only small car in the market that still tempting company car prospect and more fun to drive

There are hundreds of supermini models available in the market but there are few models that fit in the series of the cars suitable for company car drivers. Others might be cheaper and economical but not a fun to drive anyways. There is another plus point about the Toyota Yaris hybrid that it is the only hybrid in the crowded market of supermini segment. It also counts more than a quarter of total sales of the Yaris.

What new Yaris Offers?

New Toyota Yaris hybrid facelift is offered in five doors and targets to maintain its economy and tax bands to compete the conventionally powered competitors.


There are several weaknesses that Toyota Yaris is using as factors of success, such as refinement, handling, and interior quality.

What’s it like to drive?

Proffered environment for the all new Yaris hybrid is city area and you will be amazed that its 73bhp Toyota Yaris petrol engine with a displacement of 1.5-litre has been mated to 59bhp electric motor to offer class leading driving experience.

This mechanism is mated to CVT automatic transmission to allow ultimate fuel efficiency on the busty streets. If you wish to drive electric only mode, you have to drive under 40 miles per hour and it is hard to stop the petrol engine chiming in, even at very gentle speed.

The Yaris hybrid never lets you down at the windy roads and especially when you push it hard. The all exclusive CVT gearbox sends engine power to the skyward, bringing a high pitched sound in the cabin.

What’s it like inside?

Toyota has managed the boot of new Yaris hybrid exclusively when batteries are place, offering the same 286 litres normally and 768 litres with folded seats as other Yaris models.


It has an elegant interior with new dash instruments and many new features.

Should I buy one?

With the 15-inch alloys, the Yaris Hybrid’s 75g/km of CO2 saves you any of the congestion charges when in the capital city. Fuel economy is the big concern for the drivers and the Yaris returns 86 miles per gallon on average