Nissan Pulsar Diesel Has All the Ticks of Leadership

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Nissan Pulsar Diesel Has All the Ticks of Leadership

Nissan Pulsar 2015

Nissan Pulsar diesel engine version a workhorse ticks plenty of boxes to be the new range leader and best seller

Nissan Pulsar has arrived for 2014 and Japanese automaker has dashed the sophistication and luxury instead of handling and dynamics that its rival German model Volkswagen Golf offers. However it has something appealing offered by Japanese, a Nissan diesel engine for new Pulsar. It is a super frugal diesel engine that will lead the sales volume of Pulsar to new dimensions, it is likely to happen because of high economy and low CO2 emission rates which makes it preferable to the fleet buyers as they mostly opt for diesel engines.

This engine is a 1.5 Litre DCI which is capable of generating 109bhp and a muscular torque of 190 Lb-Ft. The only problem with new Nissan Pulsar drivetrain is that it has relatively longer gear ratios so you can’t possibly enjoy all that raging power that you might be expecting.

During the test drive we found that you always need to shift down to overtake and then shift back up for sustainable speed. Diesel engines usually found slower than the petrol engines and same goes with Pulsar diesel which is almost eight-tenths slower than the petrol turbo engine. However it has an extra 50 Lb-Ft of torque to give you a feel of that beast at high revs which won’t wake up at low revs though.

These relatively longer gear ratios help the diesel engine to deliver the required performance and claimed fuel economy. Nissan Pulsar diesel engine claims 78.5 miles per gallon on average and cleaner exhaust gases with a CO2 emission of just 94g/km. It manages 60 plus mpg on motorway cruise, that’s what we observed while cruising our test car.

The new Pulsar offers a funny and fuss free drive that involves a lot of excitement but it is not yet tested for UK’s local roads. It is a cheap to run and maintain family car that offers an extensive boot space for groceries and spacious interior.

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