Honda’s 10th Generation of Civic on its Way

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Honda’s 10th Generation of Civic on its Way

Honda Civic

Hopes are high for the Civic Perfect 10, coming in February

Tenth generation of Honda Civic is not a common thing but it is going on sale in February 2017. It is a meek British-built hatchback released as a teaser in U.S. where the new family of hatchback will be introduced next month. However, British fans will have to wait for the end of winter.

The first ever Civic was introduced around 45 years ago and it has been a great success for those 45 years and now in the tenth generation, it is again an exclusive attempt to target the young generation as it was decades ago. It is a great rival to models like Volkswagen Golf.

What is Honda Civic?

Honda has given a positive look to its challenging new design and the new Civic is full of characters and features with eye-catching designing cues. It is the car that directly appeals the young generation with its more muscular design and Honda civic engine. It is highly expected that this time, Honda will deliver a lot on the driving experience side.

Honda Civic MK10 five door hatchback made in Swindon

Yes you are right! This generation of Honda Civic will be built at Honda manufacturing facility in Swindon. All the manufacturing will be done at the Swindon plant and will be then exported worldwide from the UK. Honda has recently made several massive investments in the Swindon plant and now after taking £215m from Honda, it is ready to cope with the demands from across the globe.

The MK 10 Civic

Honda has not disclosed any details about the specs of the perfect 10th generation of the Civic however, we have been expecting a 1.5 litre turbocharged Honda Civic engine with petrol powered assembly. This Honda engine will crank out an 180bhp approximately and we are expecting a six-speed manual gearbox and there will be an option of a continuously variable transmission for automatic transmission lovers. We are also expecting that Honda will introduce its tiny three-cylinder 1.0 litre turbocharged engine as well and it will again a petrol option.

Don’t worry if you are a petrol lover, because there will be a diesel option made available too. It probably will have a Honda Civic 1.6 litre engine to make your ride full of torque. The all-new diesel engine doesn’t offering any change in its structure though and coming to the new model as it was in previous models. It has been carried over to the new model with a massive overhaul to generate some more power. So, you must presume some additional power than the existing 120bhp and there will be some improvement in the fuel economy and it will definitely deliver more than 76 miles per gallon. Honda will also introduce a Tourer and Type R version on this 10th generation Civic.

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