Citroen C5, an SUV with amazingly powerful and efficient engine

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Citroen C5, an SUV with amazingly powerful and efficient engine

Citroen C5

What is good over here is that there are smaller engines as well as more capacity is also present

Citroen C5 retained its old shape and form till 2016. Now it is not about that older looking saloon that had Ford Mondeo as its rival. The comfort level is still high as what this product is aimed at to rather than just giving all the edge to the driver, passengers are also important.

C5 is aimed at providing a relaxed environment inside and a different shape outside. The exterior of the older version was like a normal saloon but the newer version is the SUV form. The name Air cross has been now added to the name. This SUV is going to be a good driving machine and when comfort is combined things become more enjoyable.

The interior is a neat and tidy place to be in. The dashboard is properly designed and with lesser buttons on the dashboard and a clear screen at the centre with a multipurpose steering wheel makes it look modern as well as it is easier to get used to also. The engine side is good. There is going to be calm and quiet run as well as economy is present.

So this clever setting is also going to impress the one driving and also the with a good ride quality the other occupiers are also going to be happy. Second Hand Citroen Engines for Sale gives the buyer relief to have the engine replacement done in safe hands.

From lower to upper engine range the vehicle is stable and affordable

What is good over here is that there are smaller engines as well as more capacity is also present. In both cases, there is going to be performance present. Even if there is a smaller unit you are driving, there is going to be stability in it. The engine range has got petrol and diesel as well as a petrol hybrid option present.

It starts with the lower versions 1.2-litre and 1.5-litre. Both these have almost the same power production and these are slower versions. The good side is that there is going to be good lower rev present and it will really give a helping hand to the big car to get into a stable motion.

There is also a diesel side to the 1.5-litre and it has more power induced. This one is good enough when you want to pull something heavy like a caravan. Then next to these is a bigger version which is a 2.0-litre engine with better output and it is also brisk with better timing of 8.6 seconds for 0-60 mph.

The hybrid form comes with 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine and the combined power produced is 222 bhp that makes this version the quickest. Reconditioned Citroen C5 Engines UK gives an all new experience to the owner after the troubled engine has been replaced.

Cushioned ride but does this suits the driver?

The suspension is inclined towards giving comfort to the occupiers. People who love to have an extra relaxed ride are going to love it for this trait. But on the other hand, this is going to create problems. Especially on a curved road, the vehicle is going to bend way too much by sides when turning through the curves.

And although the suspension is soft whenever it is going to hit a bump especially in high speed getting back to a stable position is going to take time. And that swinging motion does prove to be annoying for the driver. But the point here is that this is not an expensive car and with a less price what it provides becomes enough.

The handling is good on straight roads but due to lots of swinging it is no fun on curves. But on the other hand, the vehicle is going to soak much of the disturbances on road and it is only the severe ones that are going to make the car unstable. Citroen Supply and Fitting Service are going to be a great help as the reliable dealers will always try their best to sell only the right product.

Cabin characteristics

There is good space inside especially for middle height people. The head, knee and leg room are good for such people. There is going to be a bit of problem for the taller ones, say 6 feet tall. Such people are going to be uneasy especially when the panoramic roof is selected as this lessens the height of the roof.

But in case you choose a simple roof then this problem is not going to occur. There are also small storage spaces in the cabin that are really good for the hand carries. Which is good as your mobile or wallet is going to be in a proper place rather than messing around on the seat. The seats have a supportive feel but these are not firm.

What is more exciting are the seats at the back can separately function backwards, forward, recline or fold easily. This feature really gives a proper position to the passenger and increases the boot space accordingly. The boot space is generous and can be further increased while folding the seats down flat.


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