Citroen C5 keeps you comfortable all along

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Citroen C5 keeps you comfortable all along

Citroen C5

With a newer version, the looks are altered and other traits lifted

Citroen C5 is a humble car that is there to give you a ride that is not going to be hectic and the miles pass away in a relaxed environment. Yes, it may not be a sports feel vehicle that produces a sensational driving but it still shows potential to be a reliable performer on the motorway.

But this is also true that the more money you have for buying the top specs the more you are going to get from the range. If you want to stick to the starting trims that is also alright because if your aim is to have a car that can give comfort in town or on highway rides then those will do the work also.

The look of a C5 is like that of a modern saloon and there is no doubt it is one. Coming to the interior everything is fitted to give a cosy look but there are some very major areas that keeps the vehicle behind rivals. But then a good thing is the boot space which is good and can be further extended.

This is basically aimed at the family car class. The engine side also has some negative as well as positive aspects and these are helpful to choose the right option. Citroen C5 Reconditioned Engines provide a reliable replacement and keep the car moving.

Engines are refined and economical in most disguises

Engine refinement is the trait that is the most obvious in this car. No matter whatever else is missing this one trait is present without a doubt in every variation. There is a 1.6-litre HDi engine is a nice choice with the good economy figure of 61.4 mpg claimed.

This engine is good and gives ample performance. But the size of the vehicle is big and with that size what makes sense to the senses is a bit bigger engine so that there is less effort to reach a stable acceleration. The 2.0-litre engine with 53.3 mpg is also a nice choice.

The economy numbers may be less over here but these are achievable in a more practical sense. This one is with a manual transmission and it works well. This one is a turbocharged petrol engine and the term turbocharged is going to be more alluring. Next is a 3.0-litre V6 HDi engine.

This engine is going to attract those who are concerned with performance. A bit in this diesel engine the economy falls. The one who is not concerned with spending more can avail the offer. This engine reaches 0-60 mph in 8.2 seconds with a top speed of 150 mph. Citroen Engines for Sale are a good alternate and these are easily attainable also.

Handling and ride are the smoothest traits

In Citroen C5 what over powers everything in the vehicle is the ride and handling. These two are given the utmost importance. The suspension of this vehicle is tuned to soak the rough surfaces on the road and keep the cabin calm without any extra outside noises.

The cushioned ride is a rare thing in the car as this is mostly missing in this class cars. The steering is accurate and the tires fitted to the vehicle are perfect to match the mechanics and keep the calmness aboard. The Hydractive3 suspension helps out even more and keeps the road comfort intact.

The standard steel suspension is also very good but the one mentioned earlier has more potential. But what is missing here is the agility which many adore these days. There is no way one can make the vehicle drive fast as others can and this is not liked by many. But this is not the only car that has comfort as a priority there are others also that have the same priority. Citroen Engines Fitting Service is there to give a helping hand when needed.

Interior setting and environment

From the inside the car is stylish. The front, as well as the rear, has a really good legroom. The front seats are also adjustable but not in every trim level. Due to the external design, there is a problem of headroom at the back and it is serious. You are going to bump your head often especially while getting in and out.

The boot space is enormous having a lot of space to fit in any size luggage. There is a lot of tech on board. Nothing is missing, there is also present the sophisticated system which does take time to adjust to. Climate control, Electric Seats, a high quality CD player and a feature rich computer system are all present as standard.

There are options also that can be installed on demand. There is a cosy environment inside on the whole that keeps a family even more comfortable. The centre console has a fresh look with the silver touch. There are installed some tools that give a more up market look to the cabin.

The one thing that makes a problem is that reading the menu becomes difficult. The steering wheel is fixed and multi functional making it feels modern. The overall package of the car is pretty good and there is no problem spending money buying it.


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