Audi Saw a Growth of 11% in May

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Audi Saw a Growth of 11% in May

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In five of the last six months, Audi has pulled out double digit growth and has taken the competition with BMW and other luxury brands to a whole new level.

Since the beginning of this year, Audi has been showing a huge growth each month and the last month sales were of 152,000 units which makes it to an 11% rise, and the five-month sales have now climbed to a high number of 713,900 cars.

Stefan Bratzel is the head of Centre of Automotive Management and he was quite happy with the figures so far, he said that it is a tug-of-war between Audi and BMW for the crown as the best luxury car in the world and they are battling it out with their aging line-ups.


This year the top three competitors are neck to neck with each other, for the first four months the figures between Audi and BMW narrowed down to just 7,200 vehicles, while the Mercedes-Benz sits at third place with 54,547 units sold.

Even last year the competition was pretty tight as BMW managed 1.66 million vehicles, Audi securing second place with 1.58 million cars sold and the Mercedes-Benz selling a total no of 1.46 million vehicles sold. Most of the industry experts strongly believe that this year Mercedes-Benz is going to take the first place as it has more new and redesigned models than any of other competitors  and more flagships like the A and B class in standard, GLA and CLA in sports and S-Class for the luxury segment.

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