When it Comes to a Reliable Van, it is No One Else but Ford Transit Connect

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When it Comes to a Reliable Van, it is No One Else but Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

In 2009 Mid-Cycle Upgrades Were Introduced and After a Few Years the Second Generation

Ford Transit Connect is a panel van developed and designed in Europe so it serves the needs of the people of the continent better. The first model of the van was introduced in 2002 and replaced the older series of similar vans by Ford Transit Engines.

In the start of the second decade of this century, the van was introduced in North America after consolidating its position in European markets. The Connect was first of its kind in America from Ford and appreciated well. It is purposefully built van with sliding side doors in the first generation models.

Its utility and engine performance made it truck of the year in North American International Auto Show. In 2009 mid-cycle upgrades were introduced and after a few years, the second generation of this vehicle was launched with lots of improvements on different fronts.

Ford Transit engines rebuild let you buy cheap alternatives for your vehicles’ power units. Ford Transit Connect Second-Hand Engines are made good once again to keep serving the buyers for an extended period of time. The old engines are made good by removing their faults if any, and Ford Transit Connect engines replacement is a good alternative for your vehicles.

Three Various Power Outputs

The van can carry more than 1600lbs and it can tow 2000lbs. Among the Ford Transit van range, Connect is the smallest in terms of size and is built purposefully to serve the needs of panel van buyers. There are many competitors and in some areas, they outdo this van.

For more load length there is an L2 option which is definitely bigger in size. The other options are Connect Kombi and Double Cab which has five seats and purely to carry passengers. Other than variation in length and purpose you can select from the trim levels to enjoy different specifications.

When it comes to engines Connect uses the latest of Ford 1.5 litre TDCI diesel unit. Three various power outputs give you the liberty to choose the right engine for your needs. Except for the most powerful variant the two engines have five manual speed transmissions.

One more speed transmission is added to the unit with the most pulling power. The auto gear shift is an option for the top two models. The turbo petrol engine of the company is capable of 99bhp and it is preferred for urban duty and of lightweight.

The van has variations and allows the buyers to select options as they find suitable for them.

 With a Diesel Engine, it is Surely Better Than Petrol

With last year facelift, the van has become more a car like in look and inclusion of car features has given it an edge over the other. Navigation and voice control is the latest of Ford which is also made part of this van so the vehicle has become as good as any latest vehicle in terms of tech features.

Fuel economy of the petrol engine on a combined cycle is not lower than 50.4mpg with Eco-Boost. With the Ford Transit Connect 1.8-litre diesel engines, it is surely better than petrol. The stop-start system adds further miles and you get a better value of your money.

The best figures achieved with Connect are 72.4mpg which are surely outstanding. Fuel tank capacity for all models remains the same which is 60 litres. Service intervals are frequent as you have to go for this exercise after every twenty thousand miles or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

Active City Stop Feature to Avoid Collisions

Accessibility is great as you get split rear-hinged doors and a sliding side door. The vehicle has a safety kit comprised of the most needed protective features. Stability control which acts in accordance with the load the van is carrying, airbag for the driver, emergency brake assistance and hill start assistance are part of the standard package.

In the list of optional features, you can go for the Active City Stop feature to avoid collisions as technology is applied as Automatic Brakes. For enhanced security, all models get central locking.

Steering is well balanced and weighted accurately to let you handle precisely. Body control is good and none of the rivals offers better than it so it leads the others in this regard. The front cabin is spacious and offers good comfort to the driver and passenger.

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