Volkswagen Transporter T6 – The Best commercial van for decades

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Volkswagen Transporter T6 – The Best commercial van for decades


Volkswagen Transporter T6

Volkswagen Transporter T6 is presented as the sixth generation of its commercial vehicles as a successful model series which has been produced after the T5. The all-new T6 has an improved relief, greater driving dynamics blend with better fuel economy and lower entry-level prices.

It is the new edition and highly successful model. The T6 Volkswagen commercial vehicles have been No1 in Germany for decades. The successor sold 2 million vehicles around the world within eleven years.

The entire modal series 65 years, the figure around 12 million vehicles, which means that 65 years’ experience and dealing with a customer of 65 years of modern transports solution.  In an era of technology Volkswagen Transporter Used Engines, every individual led the accurate meeting the needs of the market.


The T series is a traditional and casual design. It has been modernized vigilantly, but it has become sharper, more accurate and thus increases quality. The lines, beads and edges run constantly from front to back. The entire body appearance of all one piece, crushed from a solid block.

The ancestors the new T generation remains recognizable. The extremely solid foundation on which all T series models are based in commercial vehicles. The subject is the hardest of tests developed for professionals vigorous and consistent. Forming the top of the range, it is Multivan.

The families and outdoor sports enthusiasts in particular value its recognizable flexibility. Volkswagen created in both commercial and private use, this spacious multipurpose vehicle that upgraded once again and is now for the first time available as a high line model.

Designers and engineers have covered with extensive variety and develop high-quality interior for both versions of the vehicles. The arrangement of storage trays and compartment also depend on the modal. They follow us on function.


In the T series completely new generation Of TDI engine is being launched for EU6 markets. On the inside, it calls out a new name EA288 NUTZ. This engine has been developed specifically for the tough requirements of commercial vehicles.

The durability and roughness were the top priority. The TDI is available as crossways mounted and angled forwards by eight degrees. They have a cubic capacity  of 1,968cm3 and deliver 62 kw/84 ps,75 kw/102 ps,110kw/ 150psand 150 kW /204ps .The petrol option is a four-cylinder engine with a displacement of a 2.0-Litre Petrol Engine.

It delivers 110kw/150ps or 150kw / 204 ps. The entire model series comes with an all-new engine which saves a litre of fuel compared to the previous generation. All Euro 5 and Euro 6 engine has stop/start system as standard. So the overall fuel consumption could be reduced by 15 per cent.


The front monitoring system monitors the road and radar system is optional in the sixth generation of the transporter, Multivan. It recognizable critical distance to the vehicles in front and helps to stop the distance. In critical situation the system warns the driver visually and audibly and the slight jolt of a break.

With adaptive cruise control, a sensor measures the distance to the vehicles in front and relative speed. Depending on the situation, the Adaptive cruise control starts up again automatically after a predefined period.

An integral component of front Assist and Adaptive cruise control is the city emergency braking function, which provides assistant at low speed of under 30 km/h and thereby offers significantly improved the safety of intense city traffic. If the driver fails to see a complication.

The system automatically applies the brakes and reduced the collision speed. In order to The automatic post-collision braking system is provided as standard in the Transporter, On the other hand, the light assists that perform automatic camera controlled switching on or off of the main beam.

The Driver Alert System is standard in multifunction display, recognizes any eccentricity from normal driving behaviour and endorses the drive takes brakes. During the travel, electronic voice enhancement helps the driver to keep their eyes focused on the road.

Without any turning of the head, the driver voice can be automatically amplified and played back to passenger over the radio systems loudspeakers. For all vehicles with 4motion hill, decent assists available as an option.

A feature recommended on particular for cold, snowy regions is the new heated windscreen that ensures e clear view. It is a useful vehicle for transportation. It is a commercial use of vehicles. It is the old model but a more electrified and latest model.

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