Volkswagen Transporter T6 Takes On Rivals with New Engines

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Volkswagen Transporter T6 Takes On Rivals with New Engines

Volkswagen Transporter

New Volkswagen transporter engines make the Transporter vans the best choice in the class

The Transporter T6 takes on the rivals with the new engines and it is better than many rivals including Transit, Mercedes Vito, Vauxhall Vivaro and iconic VW camper vans. The new range of engines has increased the conversion rate of the new VW Transporter in the UK market. The mid-sized VW transporter was introduced in 2015 and the model gets the van of the year award in 2016 and then they achieve the new car of the year award in the same year. The VW transporter was one of the first ever vans who get the euro 6 emissions compliant engines.

Introduction of Euro 6 engines technology on Transporter diesel engines

VW transporter was introduced with the latest euro 6 Transporter diesel engines in 2016 and from September 2016 the euro 6 engines become the standard. The van initially benefits the most from this technology and its stylish features, then the time arrive when VW has seen some serious competition in the market. With the active cruise control system and lane depart assist system were added to the model. The automatic post-collision detection system and powerful beam assist system makes the VW transporter a real stylish light commercial vehicle in the class.

What is it?

The all-new VW transporter is not just a simple panel van but it is a car like general commercial vehicle and it is offered in many forms including the kombi and double cab versions. It is also available in the shuttle and minibus styles in the UK market. The 2.0 litre VW transporter engines offer 84bhp, 102bhp, and 140bhp bi-turbo variations in the UK market. All of those who are looking to buy a powerful version of these engines, the automaker has offered a blue motion technology in the range. It comes with the normal kit but overall it comes with start/stop technology and regenerative braking system and low resistance tyres. All this package saves more than 20 per cent fuel and energy and saves a lot in the long term. The Transporter T5 was powered by the euro 5 engines

Transporter T5 Euro 5 Engines

VW Transporter T5 euro 5 engines were remained serviceable at all VW dealerships in the UK but then in 2016, VW has moved on the T6 models and the servicing comes I hand of the local garages, VW transporter Reconditioned engines are available in the UK market with supply and fit services.

The 102bhp version of the VW Transporter has more than 75 per cent of sales and the majority of the engines come with the catalytic converters in the UK, these converters called SCR converters and they make use of the ad blue exhaust system and additive fluids. The combined fuel economy raised from previously claimed 46 miles per gallon to 50 miles per gallon on average. At the same time, VW is dropping the carbon emissions from 176g/km to simply a 156g/km to make it more refined vehicle in the UK.

Interior and Specs

All have VW’s Blue Motion technologies (BMT) package as standard and it is not the end, VW has also added start-stop technology in the engines, there are regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tires. This contributes to admirably low fuel drinking across the range. There is additionally a committed Blue Motion range of engines offered, developed on the long wheelbase 102hp van, that contains decreased suspension, aerodynamically accelerated wheel spoilers, and boasts modified gears, low rolling tyres, cruise control system and a 62 miles per hour speed limiter. This particular model of the VW T6 version offers up to 49.9 miles per gallon on average and 39.9 miles per gallon when fully loaded and it has a carbon emission of 153g/km of CO2.

The 84hp and 102hp engines are coupled with the five-speed transmissions as standard, even as all other engines offered in the VW Transporter which generate above 150hp come with the six-speed manual gearboxes. The two extra strong vehicles are also available with VW’s acceptable seven-speed DSG automatic transmission as a £1,605 option. VW’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive system also be ordered on the heavier T32 vehicles.

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