Volkswagen Golf 2017 Takes Everything to Next Level

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Volkswagen Golf 2017 Takes Everything to Next Level

Volkswagen Golf 2017

Volkswagen Golf 2017 order booking opening soon

The Volkswagen Golf has undergone mild changes and now is ready with its refreshed look and style for 2017 model. The new edition has said to be a considerable advancement from its last version. Improvements in the exterior as well as interior design have been made.

The engine and infotainment has also got a new look. The revised versions of VW Golf are set to go out for sale in UK from February and the first deliveries are expected to start from April this year. You can pre-order your car when the company announces they are open to take orders which we are expecting to happen soon.

Golf’s Cylinder Management System

The engine is all revved up with a sporty gear. It is a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine producing 148 bhp. The engine is equipped with modern technology offering active cylinder management. This technology is pretty effective in customizing fuel consumption.

VW is also expected to carry on with the same engine line-up: 1.4-litre turbo petrol engines.

Whenever the car is cruising you can shut down cylinders to save fuel. This leads to better fuel economy by an efficient working engine. The company is said to be working on an eco-friendly version having the same specs as the original engine.

The company also claims a 129 bhp output from the latter version. Volkswagen has ensured that its customers get best of the best. There is another treat in this latest car for it lovers. The company has announced that it will phase out the six-speed dual clutch DSG transmission and bring new seven-speed unit.

Upgraded infotainment system

The new Golf has to offer some obvious changes in the infotainment system. An “Active Info Display” is introduced now which is the latest digital instrument panel also seen in Audis. The existing 6.5 inch screen is upgraded to a larger 8inch screen with even better resolution.

The range-topping Discover Pro has grown from 8 inches to 9.2 inches with improved resolution of 1280x640 pixels which was previously 800×480 pixels. The software update has enabled lots of new features including gesture control for some functionalities.

A latest wireless connectivity and charging facility is something we all have waited for. You will be able to charge your phones and tablets and also connect to the interface to control the infotainment system even from a distance. Some new apps are also introduced along with the already installed Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Evolution in interior and exterior

A slight facelift can be observed in this model which has helped in maintaining the original style. The rear is offered with LED tail lights and this will now become a standard for future models. There is a brilliant feature of animated floating indicators to boast.

As for the interior, some things have been changed others are kept the same as the predecessor. The wheelbase has not grown a bit rendering no change in cabin space and boot capacity. Change in the seat cover is quite pleasant as well as in the front dashboard, door panels and center console.

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