Vauxhall Vivaro, one of the most practical vans among all rivals

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Vauxhall Vivaro, one of the most practical vans among all rivals

Vauxhall Vivaro

Interior space is huge and it makes the van quite large for driving on town roads

Heavy looking big Vivaro by Vauxhall has advanced a great deal and van buyers get another competitive vehicle in the class. Now it is also available in the black finish so the impressive look of the vehicle has enhanced further. Vauxhall is a big name in the automobile industry and with a progressive approach keeps improving its vehicles.

Vauxhall Vivaro new model has improved in every aspect when compared to outgoing models. Old van owners can get Used Vauxhall Vivaro Engines for Sale to keep their vehicles in use. This Vauxhall Vivaro is a mixed plate as chassis seems of Porsche, drive character of Lamborghini, Bentley suspension and auto drive features of Audi. All these features suggest that Vauxhall has made a great vehicle.

The vehicle has been in the market for sixteen years and the latest model is a fantastic display of Vauxhall commitment to Vivaro. Focus is a big auto market of China so styling has been done for China rather than the United States or Europe. The use of chrome is a sign of a premium class of a vehicle and more chrome evident on the exterior.

Moreover, the size of the vehicle has increased too, in order to accommodate passengers in a better way. With so many improved features, the question of whether it can be compared to the premium vehicles of Audi and BMW need to be answered. Chassis has an enhanced athletic nature so its movement is now more brisk than of predecessor model. With lower chassis, you feel more van like when entering or coming out of the van.

Four wheels drive is standard so you get firm road grip

In fact platform of the vehicle is also shared with two other premium class vans. Body architecture is made of 48% of aluminium, which enhanced strength while shedding weight significantly. More than a hundred kilograms has been reduced so some models now less than two tons. Interior space is huge and it makes the van quite large for driving on town roads.

To haul this big van you need strong engine muscle. Reconditioned Vauxhall Vivaro Engines are also installed in these expensive vehicles and these units are quite good for any vehicle. You can choose from petrol, diesel and plug in hybrid models and all these pull efficiently. Four wheels drive is standard so you get a firm road grip to tackle tough weather risky drive conditions.

Power is channelled through auto speed transmissions and these eight transmissions sleek in shifting. Different drive modes change the behaviour of the vehicle so you can change drive mode to adapt to terrain needs. Exterior has been made upscale and for this inspiration is Porsche. Total four engines make the line-up and each of them is an efficient puller.

One of the 2.0 litre diesel units produces 231 hp and experts find it a better option than the rest of the three. It is a V6 unit and quite capable of pulling this big vehicle so overtaking on the highway, not an issue at all. At low speed, which is usually observed on busy roads, refinement remains excellent and high speed creates very little noise which can be ignored easily. In this way the impressive looking vehicle’s score on refinement also good.

The gearbox works on its own but remains smooth

Driving a big vehicle has never been easy but Vauxhall Vivaro will change this. Athletic chassis and driving aides help you to feel relax. The outside view is very important for a driver to keep this size vehicle running and Vivaro offers you a good around view. Light weight steering is another fantastic feature so you can manoeuvre it quickly and accurately.

These characteristics have made it as good as any other large size van in drive ease. Mechanical issues can occur at any time but during the warranty period, you mind little. After that period you have to bear the cost of replacement and repair. Engines also fail or start creating the problem and Remanufactured Vauxhall Vivaro Engines for Sale can answer the problem.  

Four wheels steering is optional and it is very useful for continuous travelling on busy roads. This additional feature of the vehicle is capable of altering the angles of the front and rear wheels. The gearbox works on its own but remains smooth while shifting gears from lower to higher or vice versa. Driving has been focused on by the manufacturer so you will feel the difference between the new and previous models.

All these specifications are standard

Parking cameras surround view camera and park assistance can be added to enhance drivers ease. Safety kit features also let you drive confidently and they are auto emergency brakes, lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition. All these specifications are standard so practicality is followed while designing the vehicle by engineers.

It is a big vehicle with plenty of space for riders and luggage. Off road pack makes it more suitable for rugged terrains. A bigger fuel tank is a must as off road vehicle so a 90 litre fuel tank is offered in this pack. Under the body, you get various protection so that your vehicle remains in good shape. Additional towing hook is also handy but towing capacity remains unchanged. With additional features, the vehicle becomes the most suitable option for different tasks.

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