The most efficient and reliable van along with amazing interior and cargo space, Citroen Relay

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The most efficient and reliable van along with amazing interior and cargo space, Citroen Relay

Citroen Relay

The inclusion of safety features is a nice addition for drivers and persons inside the cabin

Large commercial vans have been made easy to drive and to enhance their appeal. Citroen Relay is one of them and buyers also find it flexible enough to fit enough for a variety of needs. This big van is placed in the list of best of the category for performance and better utility.

One third of light commercial vehicles is comprised of large vans so their utility is well established. Producers of these vans keep improving these vehicles so that their selling in large numbers becomes possible. Due to the large size of the rear area buyers can use them for a variety of purposes like construction to parcel delivery.

A standard car license allows you to drive a vehicle of up to 3.5 tons. This is why vans 3.5 ton vans are sold in greater number though vans up to 7 tons are available. There is a number of reasons behind the selling of any particular vehicle and van producers are quite vigilant to the needs of buyers.

More load capacity requires powerful engines and more torque. Loaded Citroen Relay vans are easily pulled by such power units. It is also known for high payload capacity and purchasers can easily transform them into their demands. Just a couple of years ago Citroen Relay vans were powered by 2.0 litre unit and since mid of 2019 new 2.2 litre unit has been installed.

Their efficiency and ability to pull rather easily has been enhanced. Another important reason behind introducing a new engine for Citroen Relay vans is to meet emission regulations, which have been made stringent. Citroen Second Hand Engines for Sale can easily save a big amount by putting off the need for a new van.

The inclusion of safety features is nice

The front cabin has a number of storing places so drivers can keep their important stuff with them. Different lengths and roof heights allow you to choose the right kind of combination. Some rivals are cheap to own and they have also improved over the time in quality and tech features.

Competition among vehicle producers is always good for buyers and the large van sector now has a number of competitive options. The inclusion of safety features is a nice addition for drivers and persons inside the cabin. These features also focus on the safety of others on road.

Diesel engines’ roar is quite audible so you need to ignore it and without an auto gearbox, it does not seem a modern day vehicle. With evolution, Citroen Relay has managed to sustain its popularity among buyers of vans. Durability is another advantage for buyers of these vans.

It is equally important for buyers to own a strongly build commercial van. Reconditioned Citroen Relay Engines UK is a cheap and trusted alternative. Low maintenance cost and stretched service intervals also make relay an attractive van. Low running cost also makes these vans strong contenders in the segment.

The popularity of Citroen Relay is based upon some really good features and with time Citroen has progressed to keep pace with the progress of the large van segment. Standard equipment also reasonable and the inclusion of optional features let you improve your drive experience further.

Nice to drive feel is missing, which is very much felt while driving Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. The high price of these two vans could easily push buyers to decide in favour of Relay.

These figures are evidence of Citroen strong faith

Two separate seats with the driver have multiple storing places in the dashboard. Easy to use feature controls are nicely placed on the dashboard and there is no feeling of mess. These uncovered places are of decent size and you can put your valuables easily.

Fuel economy has been improved by fifteen per cent so the new Relay covers more distance in a gallon than previous versions. The New 2.2 litre HDi unit has different power variants and for bigger vans powerful variant of the same unit is placed. Claimed fuel economy is 38.2 mpg and enhanced durability has made new Citroen Relay more desirable.

Service interval is two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first so drivers can keep them on road without any break. Warranty is either of two years for unlimited mileage or three years for 100,000 miles. These figures are evidence of Citroen strong faith in this van. Driver’s seat can be adjusted to reach steering in a better way so that driving remains relaxing and less tiresome. Seatbelts are for all front cabin occupants.

Ride quality remains good whether loaded or without load

Pushing the speed pedal harder creates vibration inside the cabin and the noise of the engine also rises. In a refinement, this van simply cannot match Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. If you do not compare with the two best vans of the segment then it is reasonably hushed.

Ride quality remains good whether loaded or without load at the rear. Digital trip computer and Bluetooth connectivity are standard in all vans of the range. Satellite Navigation was made standard in Citroen Relay in 2015. It was portable and can be removed from the van. With a coloured display, this navigation system helps drivers to reach an address without wasting time. DAB radio is also present in all vans but you have to turn it off if not needed as it turns on with ignition.

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