The Mercedes is Going to do it Yet Again

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The Mercedes is Going to do it Yet Again

Mercedes-Benz New-Technologies

New Mercedes E-Class will feature everything from the future, from self-parking to communication with nearby cars and much more

Mercedes is already highly popular among car enthusiasts for power, speed, luxury and state-of-the-art technologies, but when it comes to this all-new E-Class, the hi-tech features it offers, it is one of its kind. One more thing, it has the ability to talk to other vehicles about the situations on-road, even the accidents or weather conditions.

Mercedes is so determined to take the safety, comfort and stress relief to a whole new level and maintains its position as a safety pioneer.

Some of the distinguished features of E-Class are:

Auto Speed Set

This brilliant optional Speed Limit Pilot sub-function – in combination with COMAND Online – is going to adjust the car’s speed autonomously in response to the speed limits logged in the navigation system or the camera detected speed limits.

Evasive Steering Assist

It often happens that sometimes drivers, in a dangerous situation, instinctively or deliberately perform an evasive manoeuvre, which leads to accidents due to over-steering. This function is designed in such a way to assist the driver by adding precisely calculated steering torque to support the steering.

Intelligent Drive Next Level

Mercedes has taken the autonomous driving to next level with its Intelligent Drive system which makes it possible to autonomously keep the car at a safe distance behind a slower vehicle on the country roads or the motorways. From 0 up to 200 km/h, this system can keep the cars in their respective lanes behind the car it follows.

Mobile Phone Car Key

Mobile phones are extensively in use for everything now days, Mercedes is using smartphones as car key with the help of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in its Drive authorisation system.

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