The Exceptional BMW 520d Fits Every Definition of a Luxury Car

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The Exceptional BMW 520d Fits Every Definition of a Luxury Car

BMW 520d

The Finest Car Around is set to Knock its Rivals Out

Even a person with very little information of cars also knows the worth of the name that BMW has. To own a BMW car is a dream of many people and the company does not leave any stone unturned to accommodate all the desires of its customers. BMW lives up to the expectations in every way which confirms the status of BMW as a world-class automobile company.

The abbreviation of BMW is Bavarian Motor Works. As its name suggests, it is a German Company with the experience of a number of decades. It was established in Munich, the capital of Germany in 1916.

BMW cars engines are usually categorized into different numerical series owing to their distinct set of characteristics. The 5 Series is known for superior quality and saloon cars. Many improvements can be observed in 5 Series including lesser weight, modified suspension and a host of techy tweaks such as the gesture control.

BMW 520d is one of the cars of respected series. This car has all that it takes to be the most complete car in the market.

BMW 520d, the Most Demanded Car of the Time

Creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of the automobile industry and those companies who excelled in it are well ahead of their rivals. BMW is well aware of this fact and has used many innovative cutting-edge technologies to make its vehicles the best vehicles around.

BMW 520d showcases this trend of the company in a perfect way. This car is a blend of class and performance and this fact has made it the most selling car of 5 series.

The BMW 520d Robust Engine Rampages the Road

This beauty has a beast in it which is its amazing engine. BMW 520d engine is a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine capable to produce 190bhp catapulting the vehicle from 0 to 60mph in just 7.5 seconds.

It can reach up to an astounding 146mph top speed. Despite showing such impressive figures, the car remains quite eco-friendly as it emits 108g/km Carbon. In addition to that, in one gallon it covers 68.8 miles of distance.

Its engine comes in various sizes which are categorized as BMW 5 Series 520d xDrive 2.0 litre Saloon Diesel Engine, BMW 5 Series 520d 2.0 litre Hatchback Diesel Engine and BMW 5 Series 520d xDrive 2.0-litre Estate Diesel Engine.

Moreover, the BMW along with many private garages provides the facility of engines supply and fit service.

Classy Sleek Exterior

The refined, clean look of cars has always been a hallmark of BMW. This company never treads the beaten track, instead chooses to stay within the ambit of its own classy style. BMW 520d’s breathtaking sophisticated look coupled with the low-key theme makes sure you lose your mind for it.

The black kidney grilles outlined with shiny silver shade decorates the area between the latest technology based LED headlights. Therefore, when you will take a ride outside in your BMW 520d, you are ought to get all the attention.

Stylish and Luxury Interior

BMW has always gone that extra mile for the comfort and satisfaction of its customers. This fact is quite evident when you look inside the car. The comfort is outlined by the first-rate quality of the interior. The feel of the interior is more than relaxing with an unprecedented iDrive system.

A TFT screen is installed at the dashboard which displays all the driving-related information from speed to revs.  Seats are very comfortable and are designed to support the natural posture of your torso.  The steering is thick which provides a firm grip on it.

Another plus point is the infotainment system, which is quite innovative but easy to use. Its user interface is a bit similar to 7 series. You can use a number of functions through this infotainment system while also keeping up with the latest news and events.

The BMW customer service and spare parts

Like any well reputed multinational company, BMW has its outlets spread all over the world. Unfortunately, if have fallen into a situation of the faulty engine there is no need to be worried about, BMW’s authorized and certified engine repairing workshops are eligible enough to supply and fit BMW 520d engine with quite professional obligations.

The company provides a responsible customers service. Moreover, you can order any BMW spare part from all over the country from small parts to replacement engines as well.

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