The Best 10 Performance Cars on Sale in the UK

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The Best 10 Performance Cars on Sale in the UK

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Performance cars are highly admired in the UK and here is the list of 10 best vehicles

The UK public loves to ride the performance cars, and these cars are available in many shapes, body styles, verities, and sizes. But it is hard to judge and even opt that which option is the best. Our automotive experts spent considerable time in testing these performance vehicles and compile a list of the best 10 performance cars you can buy in the UK.

It is actually a hard thing to decide that which vehicle is offering the best time behind the wheel and there are just two rules to define the fun. Rule one defines that the vehicle is not a limited edition version of the company and no one out there hopes to ride the vehicle alone. There must be someone to have some fun along. The second rule is that the vehicle must not be an eye-watering model and expensive hypercar. Apart from these two reasons, the performance is an open warfare. However, our list of performance cars is based on all the exclusive models from Italian exotic models, track loving weapons, sexy and hot hatches including the coupes.

Apart from the body type of these vehicles, the major thing we consider to define a performance car is its ability to entertain the riders and spread some smile on the face of the driver. Performance cars don’t need any mouth opening speed and any barrier breaking zero to 62 miles per hour sprint. All this means that the performance car is the one that actually revolves around the driver and involve the driver in the driving process.

It can be in both ways that the information can be transmitted to and from the wheels and the driver controls. Being able to pass the corners very actively than the old school performance vehicles. Preferably a performance car should have all these features and even more make the ride even fun.

Our list of the best performance cars is offering all the cars which are easily available in the market and you can easily find one to have an excellent ride. It clearly mentioned that these cars are easily available in the UK like the best SUV engines. Whatever you opt for out of this list, we will still recommend you to hire a trainer to have a ride with him. It also needs to understand that how your vehicle behaves to the normal and a bit hurried vehicle setup and how it behaves in different traffic conditions.

Let’s start with the Fancy British performance car, Caterham 7.

10. Caterham 7

The most modern classic car with 60 years in the market

A mountain of horsepower.

The Caterham 7 offers 80bhp of power from a turbocharged three-cylinder engine

Top speed  150Mph
0–62  2.80s
Engine Power – BHP    263bhp
Engine Torque – LB·FT    177lb·ft
Drivetrain    Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel delivery    Injection

This is a classic British sports car experience to had a full of a fun ride and the Caterham is a second to none performance vehicle. The Caterham 7 is a powerful vehicle to ride and whatever specs you had on hand, it is the best vehicle for ultimate handling and riding experience from a lightweight body type. Even after 60 years of continuous production, the Caterham 7 is still offering an excellent driving experience which further offers a second to none driving experience

Since 1957, the seven lineage is still in production and it is a successful vehicle. The Caterham 7 was designed by the myth, the man, the legend Colin Chapman. Current models are exclusively remarkable and very similar to the models produced and designed years ago. The overall look and the feel of the Caterham 7 is just awesome and with the low slung body and roofless design, the Caterham is a thrill to drive.

For the motorists looking to enjoy the ride of a 7 power machine, the Caterham has a lot to offer including a mountain of horsepower. The Caterham 7 offers 80bhp of power and a turbocharged three cylinder engine. This engine is sourced from Suzuki. It offers a 0-62 miles per hour in just 2.79 seconds. Bang!!

9. Porsche 718 Boxster

Porsche continues the 718 era at their heart,

a turbocharged flat-four engine beats with the same aggressive spirit

Delivered countless platform finishes.

Top speed    177Mph
0–62    4.60s
Engine Power – BHP    345bhp
Engine Torque – LB·FT    309lb·ft
CO2    184g/km
EC Combined    34.9mpg

What do you think of a four-cylinder engine in a Porsche 718 Boxster? It doesn’t dilute the power and driving experience of Boxster 718. The 718 Boxster is still a powerful enough vehicle to have a great ride.

Switch to four-cylinder power hasn’t failed to dilute the Boxster’s excellent driving experience. To call the Boxster, a poor man’s Porsche, it has passed through more than 20 years of development and finally has become the entry level Porsche. It manages to deliver the kind of best in class handling and fun that makes the ride truly natural and exclusively fun behind the wheel. A flat four turbocharged engines have been fitted to the new Porsche Boxster. It is still equally impressive and thrilling engine as the old flat six engines was, the engine hasn’t spoilt the overall driving experience. This new mid-engine layout is one of the balanced layout controlled by a hydraulic steering and excellent grip.

It is also defined by the experts that the Boxster is one of the best cars and there is no doubt that you could use it on a daily base. As it is a Porsche base model so it is expected that the prices will be a bit higher on the go. Initially, the starting price of the Porsche Boxster is relatively higher but at the same time, the running costs are very low. These lower running costs make the Boxster a best open-top sports car in the UK. On the other hand, the Cayman is another version of the vehicle which is a hard top type vehicle.

Some of the vehicles in the market are working as the halo cars of the major manufacturers, offering the best in class performance and sometimes match the looks with the other models. Generally, these models offer best in class thrill for the drivers and ultimate performance for the drivers. It is not necessary that these models will be the fastest models in the class but it is confirmed that their performance is the best in class.

8. Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Power has met its core in the GTI

The seventh-generation powerhouse is more than just a four-wheeled machine, it’s an up-to-date phenomenon.

For a high-performance and executive lifestyle, GTI is the must to have a thing.

Top speed    155Mph
0–62    4.60s
Engine Power – BHP    310bhp
Engine Torque – LB·FT    295lb·ft
CO2    160g/km
EC Urban    33mpg
EC Extra Urban    48mpg
EC Combined    40.9mpg

Meet the best in class all-rounder in the UK, it is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The Volkswagen Golf GTI started a revolution in the hot hatch segment in 1970s and nowadays it is one of the best hot hatches in the class. Another best thing in this model is that you can buy it in any price bracket. The recent facelift given to the Volkswagen Golf saw the GTI some extra power and the performance.

The all new Golf has mixed the utmost performance with a practical interior and both of these features are giving the best results. The hatchback body is also powered by GTI styling cues. These styling cues are further enhanced by GTI red detailing, big alloy wheels and the most important GTI badge on the front grille.

7. Mercedes-AMG C63

How rapidly can you clear your mind?

Get in. Buckle up. Your foot hovers excitedly above the pedal.

With its V8 bi-turbo engine, the Mercedes-AMG C63 saloon surely and powerfully accelerates you out of your everyday life.

Top speed    155Mph
0–62    4.00s
Engine Power – BHP    510bhp
Engine Torque – LB·FT    516lb·ft
CO2    192g/km
Standard Euro Emissions    Euro 6
EC Combined    34.5mpg

When it comes to the AMG, it is clear that Mercedes-Benz has something special in the car. The rear wheel drive V8 configurations are not offered in the all other vehicle types e.g. saloon, estate and coupe or cabriolet. This all new AMG C63 engine has a great performance and probably finds its way into many top performance vehicles and the C63 is one of them. It has a thunderous soundtrack and has a great AMG signature marque on the covers and in spite of its new configuration where two turbochargers and a massive displacement of 4.0 litre offers excellent performance, it is a thrillingly good model.

This engine is carried over from the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car and it generates an exclusively best 503 hp and a torque of 700Nm in the C63 guise. This 503 hp model delivers the earth shattering performance. It has a 0 to 62 miles per hour time of just 4.4 seconds and if you select the S guise then you will see this time dropping from 4.4 to 4.1 seconds. Apart from all these performance figures, the mainstream model fails to set the world alight due to its average handling and there are no such reservations when it comes to the C63 models.

6. BMW M3

High-Performance with Up to 450 Hp

Everyday Suitability with Four Doors

M performance Seats with Compressing Texture Highlight Motorsport Talents

Suppler Than Ever with Smart Trivial Assembly

Top speed    174Mph
0–62    4.1s
Engine Power – BHP    460bhp
Engine Torque – LB·FT    443lb·ft
CO2    194g/km
EC Urban    25mpg
EC Extra Urban    42mpg
EC Combined    34.0mpg

BMW M3 is a muscular and fast car equally best for both family and business users. BMW has slashed its massive engine lineup in the past and BMW M3 was one of the victims as well. Its powerful V8 engine was just swapped with a straight six twin turbocharger. The latest version of the M performance mode, not that admired by the experts and some of the critics think that the latest M3 threatened to lose its character. And certainly, it has lost to some extent because the high revving V8 has been removed, engine noise increased and polluted by the turbochargers. All these features prove the new engine as a bit droney unit in comparison.

Happily, the M3 makes up for any professed lack of aural delight with interesting efficiency and ultimate performance. With the help of 425bhp and 550Nm of torque, the M3 smashes the 0 to 62mph in most effective 4.3 seconds – and even impressive 4.1 seconds when it comes with the optional dual-clutch DCT gearbox – and continues with fearsome acceleration with lightning speedy gearshifts all the way up to its top speed which is electronically limited to 155 miles per hour.

The M3 performance model also provides perfect sports seats and black chrome highlights around the exterior, extra enhancing the M3’s already smoothly destructive good looks with wonderful 20-inch star-spoke alloy wheels, Different optional extras to increase the driving pleasure comprise energetic M suspension system with comfort, and sport+ modes, carbon brakes and a lively differential.

5. McLaren 720S

Rise your Limits with 720 S

The McLaren 720S is a Lighter, stronger, faster.

It makes you feel is altogether something else.

TOOK MY Breaths. They Just Looked Imaginary.

Engine:    V8
Transmission:    7 Speed SSG
Horsepower @ RPM:    710 @ 7500

Torque @ RPM:    568 @ 5500
Displacement:    4.0 L
0-60 time:    2.8 sec.
Top Speed:    212 mph

The all new McLaren 720s is an all-new supercar builds on the same platform which was used in the 650 and 675 models of McLaren in the past. The automaker is one of the emerging automakers and it has emerged into one of the best automakers in the world which are famous for their performance cars.

In order to deliver a new level of performance in the class, the 720S has used the engine and chassis of the 675 LT model and proved itself a vastly versatile and flexible vehicle. The 4.0-litre V8 engine with twin turbocharger is fitted in the middle of the car and makes 710bhp, and at the same time both automatic and manual options available and with both transmissions, it has 0 to 62 miles per hour time.  It takes 2.9 seconds from 0 to 62 miles per hour and a top speed of 220 miles per hour.

4. Ferrari 488 GTB

Extreme Performance, And Driving Thrills

Engine:    V8
Horsepower @ RPM:    659 @ 8000
Torque @ RPM:    560 @ 3000
Displacement:    4.0 L
0-60 time:    3.0 sec.
Top Speed:    205 mph 

Meet the ultra-modern Ferrari here, it is the 488 GTB, exclusively in a prolonged line of excellent mid-engine V8 power units. There’s nothing fairly like a Ferrari riding and the Italian marque has a charm about it like no other automaker, the 488 GTB offered with a V8-powered, and it can be perhaps the excellent mannequin but it is not the first model which mixes the F1 technologies in the other models because the high end electronics and ultra-modern semi-automatic transmission and fiber on the building of its all models. The steering system and control over the road is just excellent when it comes to the Ferrari.

3. Ford Focus RS

Live your life in the fast lane with The Focus RS

Best-in-class 350-horsepower hot hatchback

2.3L EcoBoost engine

four different driving modes,

Top speed    154Mph
0–62    5.70s
Engine capacity    2,000cc
Engine Power – BHP    271bhp
Engine Torque – LB·FT    295lb·ft
CO2    159g/km
EC Combined    41.5mpg

Welcome to the world of the Blue Oval and meet the second to none hot hatch in the house of Ford and it is the most admired model in the Ford model line up in the UK again.

Could you buy a five door ultra-modern Focus under £30,000? It is the efficiency and performance of the focus models which pushes the price a bit higher but on the other hand, the Focus models are leading the UK car market as well.  Ford has released the third generation of the Focus and the RS is equipped to a punchy 345bhp 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine with a grippy four-wheel-power chassis, and collectively this system is capable of generating exceptional acceleration. the new focus covers 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds.

On the other hand, Ford focus is one of the quietest models in the market and if on the road, someone doesn’t notice that there is a focus behind him and hear you coming, they will certainly stair at you because the focus has excellent styling.

2. Honda Civic Type R

The new Civic Type R is a massive success from the previous car, mixing astonishing refinement with genuine relations and dazzling pace

Strong engine,

Delightfully mechanical gear change,

Capable chassis

Transmission: six-speed manual
Horsepower @ RPM:315
Torque @ RPM:305
Displacement:2.0 L
0-60 time:5 sec.
Top Speed:155 mph
Layout: front engine, FWD

Honda has offered some of the best vehicles in the UK market in the past years and the looks of the new Civic Type R are just the great and there is no arguing with the ability of these models at all. The name Type R is just an icon of performance in the Honda models and this is one of these super performers.

The previous generation of the type r was released a bit late but at the same time it spent a long time in development but this time, the model has come hot on the wheels. Under the bonnet, there is nothing special and it offers the same 2.0 litre engine, six speed manual transmission, and front wheel drive. Only the chassis is designed to deliver performance and speed.

1. Porsche 911 GT3

Many have still never heard of a 911 GT3. Some believe 911 GT3 is all just a myth, its an idea turned into reality and it’s a true driver’s car

Ear-tingling engine sound,

Livable on the road,

Available with a manual.

Top speed    198Mph
0–62    3.90s
Engine Power – BHP    500bhp
Engine Torque – LB·FT    339lb·ft
CO2    290g/km
EC Urban    14mpg
EC Extra Urban    32mpg
EC Combined    21.9mpg

Finally, we have reached the track-focused vehicles and the 911 GT3 is truly the track focused model. Porsche is a racing addict and they knew much about racing and they have created a great balance between their road legal cars and super cars. The road legal cars at Porsche are equally dangerous at the same time.

The all-new 911 GT3 engine and model lineup offers the best in class performance and the riding experience of the car is just awesome. It has a stripped out exterior and cabin but at the same time, it has a great rear spoiler. The 911 GT3 responses and senses every little movement in the steering and with the naturally aspirated flat six engine, cornering is just brilliant with a smooth flowing rhythm.

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