Subaru Forester Solidly Built With Muscular Engines and Tonnes of Power

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Subaru Forester Solidly Built With Muscular Engines and Tonnes of Power

Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester Wraps All the Characteristics and Practicality Lofted Reliability

Subaru enjoys its best reputation for developing the rocky all-wheel drive vehicles with ultimate practicality and reliability. It is the Forester that wraps all those characters up to make the SUV family-friendly and decent. It has been offering the excellent equipment levels and reasonable pricing.

Subaru Forester offers the best fuel efficiency figures for a brand and the Foresters have the best Subaru Boxer engines. The real world economy figures are still very challenging but when it comes to power, these engines are just awesome.

It Looks Awesome With the Horseboxes in Tow

It is an awesome vehicle for the British countryside where people usually needs to tow trailers or the horseboxes. The Forester is simply the best to compete in every field of life in the countryside.

Subaru engines

Subaru has introduced the Forester engine with a great choice of diesel and petrol versions. There are two petrol engines available with a diesel version as well. All options have the displacement of 2.0-litre with the Subaru trademark flat four boxer engines layout.

Powertrain options

Forester offers manual gearbox and it is particularly rare in the SUV segment while a constantly variable transmission (CVT) automatic transmission called Lineartronic is also available to make your device even elegant.

The boxer configurations make the engine sound even crispy and all are quiet smooth even being noisy in some conditions. The petrol engines are more refine and quiet, especially with the automatic transmission.

Engine power figures

The all-new 2.0-litre boxer engine makes the riding experience more pleasurable when you opt a 148bhp bhp unit with 173lb-ft. it takes only 10.6 seconds to get the 62 miles per hour from stand still. The lineartronic gearbox takes 11.8 seconds and it attains the maximum speed of 118 miles per hour and only one mile extra with a CVT.


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