Renault Trafic a Simple but Best van for Personal and Commercial Usage

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Renault Trafic a Simple but Best van for Personal and Commercial Usage


Comfort Checked, Performance Checked, Practicality Checked

You see a Trafic and the idea certainly cross your mind of it being a common van with ordinary looks. But the thing is that look does not matter when you are going for a commercial van which can do everything a van should either it is a load carrier or a people carrier but it mostly depends on the Engine conditions it means either you are going with the new engine or there are Used Engines are also available for your best choice.

Renault has given a perfect formula for such a transport. It is a popular mid-sized van in the UK and to make it more effective there have been updates to maintain its position. From the outside, the changes have been minor except the shape of its headlights which are now squarer in shape.

For the rest of the exterior, there is a straight forward shape which does not give confidence to the buyer being reliable and solid for the work. The interior has improved being a major target of the upgrades.

The technology side has been improved to give a much more advanced experience to the driver than before. The backload area remains unchanged and it is perfect the way it is so no need to have changed there.

The trim levels are the same as before and the seating capacity depends on the body style you choose or the requirement. Renault Trafic engines are now more economical, healthy and bigger also. The reconditioned Renault Trafic 2.5 Engines give the same characteristics as original ones making a favorable deal.

Upgraded Engine                                         

There is a larger unit now available replacing the older 1.6-liter. The 2.0-liter diesel engine is also available in three outputs as before; 118 bhp, 143 bhp, and 168 bhp. The engines are claimed to be better in efficiency by 2 percent than before. This new one is according to the emission level now set for the diesel engines.

The engines are economical saving you money while doing business. The stop/start function helps out to improve fuel economy. The Eco mode is also a good carry over here which also reduced fuel consumption while active.

There is a light on the dashboard which changes colors from green to yellow and then red to indicate a gear change when you are hard on throttle in a specific gear which causes more fuel use. There are also tips in the infotainment system to help you improve fuel efficiency.

Renault engines for sale becomes a sigh of relieve when the engine is troubling. Buy the Renault Trafic engine replacement to refresh your van within your price range.

The Inside Story

The cabin quality and look have been made more car-like but still, you get the traces of a practical van which is good. Too much sophistication leads to more careful handling which is not possible when the vehicle is on heavy work like goods carrying.

But there is certainly an advanced technology added to give the driver convenience while driving. The Renault’s R-Link Evolution and Media Nav Evolution are now taken from the Renault car range and fitted into the van.

Android Auto or Apple CarPlay is now available to connect with your smartphone. With this you also get Bluetooth, USB and 12-volt charging sockets are there in the cabin and if the desired one can be added also in the load area. There is also an optional hands-free keyguard which lets the driver operate many functions without using the key.

Safety Features

To start with there is a tough dividing wall between the cabin and load area to avoid any disturbance and collision. There is also ABS along with EBD and ECS stability control. There is a hill start assist and Grip Xtend to help the stability control for covering slippery surfaces.

As option extra airbags other than the standard ones are also available. There is also a front and rear parking sensor, rear camera and Automatic Emergency Brake are also available as an option for the 2019 update. For the Business+ trim, there is a full-size side mirror present to eliminate the blind spot which can cause problems otherwise when operating a big vehicle.

For the reliability side, you get your vehicle support in case of a break down with Renault’s PRO+ network offers help and giving a diagnostic report within an hour and a two day time for making the repairs.


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