Peugeot Boxer is Simple but Serving Well

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Peugeot Boxer is Simple but Serving Well

Peugeot Boxer

There are many similarities between the two so the earlier comment is justified

It is a simple van of reasonable size so drivers like it for being without any complications. Base level engines give you enough power to run it when loaded. For this reason, Peugeot Second Hand Engines for Sale are preferred if a replacement is needed.

The load area has been designed to put articles without any difficulty. Visibility from the driver’s seat is not ideal and for a commercial van, it is a serious drawback. Driver’s aids become indispensable with this kind of vehicle and if they are not standard then the extra money is required.

After sale service is another issue due to limited dealers’ network in some parts of the world. Safety features are also not good enough to get excellent ratings. Jointly using a platform for a commercial van is common and Boxer is Ducato of Peugeot. There are many similarities between the two so the earlier comment is justified.

Instead of being a ditto copy of Fiat Ducato, the two vans share some features. The van has a 2.0 litre diesel engine which produces 160hp and torque of 310Nm at 1500rpm. This power unit again is a product of Peugeot and Ford. On the other hand, Fiat’s similar van uses 2.3 litre diesel.

Dimensions of the two vans are almost the same. Boxer’s engine is paired with six speed manual gearbox and there is no other option to select so you have to experience an engaging drive while doing tough work of loading and unloading.

The specification has kept modernizing as you get standard air conditioning 

Now a day it is quite rare for this class of vans to come without the option of auto speed transmissions. Additional features cannot be added to make it a van of yours so you have to take it as it has been offered. Peugeot Boxer Engines UK gives you good pulling power and fuel efficiency.

Height of driver’s seat can be altered for a better view around. Only one passenger seat is present in the front cabin. The rear door is in two parts and they can be opened to 180 degrees. Sliding side doors are other option for loading and taking out articles so practicality has not been missed.

Load area volume is 11.5 cubic meters and you can also fix two pallets in this space. It has not been changed a great deal since 2006 so you cannot identify different years’ models without looking them closely. The specification has kept modernizing as you get standard air conditioning, rear sensors for safe parking, rear view camera, cruise control and speed limiter.

Other features present in the same list are power windows, digital speed meter, autonomous emergency brakes which use the camera to come into play, forward collision warning and four wheel disc brakes. With this much as standard features, you do not need an optional list of features. Separate access to cabin and cargo areas is also very helpful.

You also enjoy remote locking and LED running lights. In fact, Peugeot has not missed any modern day necessary specification which you want to have and pay extra for the same.

The van’s design needs a complete overhaul

Some people may notice that Peugeot has not included blind spot monitoring, rear traffic crossing alert system and fatigue monitoring. These specifications should have been offered to buyers so that if they desire they can have them for their Boxer. Peugeot Engine Fitting Service satisfies used car engine buyers and lets them try their vehicle after replacement of power unit.

Modern day vehicles do not miss infotainment system so Boxer has a five inches infotainment system placed on the dashboard. It has navigation and Bluetooth but smart-phone connectivity through Apple Car-Play and Android Auto is not present. The aforesaid features are not necessary for the van drivers so can be ignored.

Interior of the front cabin has been built with a focus on durability while giving you luxury and comfort has also been attempted. Storage places are many so you can place all routine articles of a delivery van in these places. The van’s design needs a complete overhaul and finishing of the interior need to be improved. Some other design problems are also pointed out like pillar size, overhead console and handbrake placement.

The two front cabin seats are separate and big enough

Pedals are quite low while steering is high so flexibility to adjust the height of the driver’s seat does not help you to be in an ideal position. Overall it is a nice van and Boxer’s on road manners are also praiseworthy. Refinement for a commercial van is a big plus and you get it from it.

The two front cabin seats are separate and big enough to let you drive and ride with comfort. Engine power is not to inspire thrill but to keep it moving without any trouble. Maximum payload capacity is 1.6 tons and the van suspension gives you comfort either loaded or empty.

Leaf spring rear suspension keeps the van settled when you unladed the cargo. Front suspension is independent. It is front wheel drive van and you can expect it to drive decently. Warranty of five years is quite attractive and servicing against capped price is also offered.


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