Mini First is Small and Most Affordable

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Mini First is Small and Most Affordable


Its Engine Delivers 75bhp so it is not as Quick as Mini One but for a Car of its Size Reasonable Pull

Mini is one of the most talked small cars and due to exuberant engine performance it has been rated high. Mini First build quality is great too so with engaging drive experience the car keeps pulling buyers. Different generations of Mini have been in markets and Used Mini First Engines are also available so you can select alternative cheap options to enjoy the enthusiastic ride and drive.

Sharp steering and excellent handling with a small size of the car allow you to manoeuvre it easily. Its engine delivers 75bhp so it is not as quick as Mini One but for a car of its size, the reasonable pull is available. A car without air condition is surely enough to raise your eyebrows and Mini First need to include it as a standard feature.

Though car’s build quality is good, fun to driver character and fixed price servicing is appealing but with basics missing could hamper the sale. Some five decades ago Mini was launched to offer affordable own transport for people but now it is a premium car in small car segment and not a cheap option.

Mini First is still the most economical model of the car and it was introduced to let more and more people buying their favourite small vehicle. There is no variation of body style so you can buy hatch only with an attractive price tag of just less than £11000. The engine you get is the same you find in Mini One but output has been reduced to 75bhp whereas Mini One gives you 95bhp.

You Need to push the pedal harder

This affordable small car of Mini has premium quality stuff so you will surely enjoy drive and ride. Second Hand Mini Engines are cheap but good at the performance so you can get one for your car easily. It is paired with manual six-speed transmissions which are sleek and offer engaging driving experience. Stop-start technology is also there so emission and fuel efficiency is similar to expensive and powerful Mini One.

Top speed also reduces by 6mph and a top speed of the car is 109mph. The thing you will notice the most is slow acceleration than Mini with more power. It reaches to 62mph speed mark from zero in 13.2 seconds and it is 2 seconds longer. You need to push the pedal harder so that engine works more and gives you desired acceleration.

Controls are always good with Minis and gearboxes are precise. Mechanics of the car are of the top-notch so overall driving experience remains good. Interior of the car is of first-grade quality and you come across more black plastic than other Minis. In limited space layout of the car is nice to reach and rake steering adjustment let you be in a good position to drive it.

Rear seats have the flexibility of split-fold so you can use space well with your own choice. Though it is entry-level Mini you get necessary safety features like curtain airbags, child seat mounting, stability control and tire pressure warning to keep air pressure precise. Apart from the aforementioned standard safety features, you can have an optional specification for protection.

Handling, Body Control and Precise Steering

Cheap rivals offer air condition as a standard feature so this car needs to be realistic and include this facility as standard. It is very much drivers’ car so you may ignore other shortcomings and enjoy almost faultless driving experience of the car. Getting a Mini Engine for Sale is easy as you can check availability of the unit with buyers and get it installed.

Handling, body control and precise steering give you perfect driving mechanics. On busy roads, it gives you delightful ride and drives so when it gets too wide open roads you only find it a bit slow on acceleration otherwise cruise nicely. Wheels are small and thickness of tyres not much so grip is not as good as in sport models. Response from chassis is remarkable so your ride will be great.

Comfort and refinement of a small car on smooth roads is praiseworthy. On bumpy roads suspension is unable to keep cabin occupants away from undulant feel. Wind noise is kept suppressed so it dries out before entering the cabin.

Next is Tech Pack which Includes

Brakes of the car are effective so you can rely on them while moving at high speed. In appearance, it differs from other Minis as plastic wheel covers let you identify Mini First easily. The black mirror housing is another prominent identification mark of this car.

Three Trim levels are present for the buyers to enhance their experience with this vehicle. Design pack is the first one and gives you chrome detailing, three-spoke steering wheel, and matching mirror housing. Next is Tech Pack which includes multi-function steering and a better audio system. The most economical is a Salt pack which has interior mood lighting, floor mats fog-lamps and the on-board computer.

Without these packs, Mini First remains a good car with great basic characteristics. For a small car, optional things are not of much value as people prefer them for their low price but even then options are there so that if buyers need extra they can have it.

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