Mini Cooper S, the most reliable small family car

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Mini Cooper S, the most reliable small family car


Showing refinement of the brand and a proper balance of the range

Those few lines above cannot describe what Mini Cooper S is all about. With all that present there is also more power, more comfort and more speed. So the car has become even more fun to drive plus better in size.

BMW has been faithful with the early design and kept it, raised it and lastly moulded it giving smooth modern touches. The design is specific to this product only and no other car resembles a Mini. No matter how many variations are there is this product that speciality bound them together.

The people who own this worship it to the extent they do not know how to express their joy of having it. The first batch of the Mini was a disaster and it was like a noise machine coming through. Then there were machinery failures as well as suspension issues that were very serious to ignore.

But things got better as the time passed and there was a more refined car presented in 2002. It was the arrival of Cooper S with still some issues to handle. The supercharging made the company to relocate things to adjust to it.

But to avail, that new one had to be bought. Cooper S engines are offered by many dealers but beware to choose the right one. From old to new the engines are refurbished to correct things and give a more reliable product with performance.

Engine details and performance

The engine powering up this Cooper is 2.0-litre with 189 bhp and 207 lb-ft torque. This is a turbocharged engine which gives a time of 6.8 sec for 0-62 mph. This time is for the manual car and all the figures above are same as the previous version.

The engine has been designed to give better fuel economy and the fuel now injects at higher pressure. The manual gearbox is a six-speed while there is also seven-speed automatic transmission as an option. Change the gear manually and you get the feel of a relay race.

But the automatic transmission enhances the performance and reduces the time by 0.1 seconds. The engine got updates but for the mechanical part, nothing happened to the performance which is already a gem. The increased weight of this Mini has done some damage to the rate with which the engine responded to ignition and paddle press.

The present weight is 40 kg then it was before. Mini Cooper engine rebuild can be obtained from the dealers but the reliable ones. As you should be careful what you are fitting in the bonnet as this is the heart of a car.


Mini Cooper S keeps awake

In no situation does the Mini Cooper S lets the one sitting inside go to sleep or feels like doing it. The ride is a bit firm but at the positive do note that it keeps the driver attentive. The car reacts very quickly to the actions from the steering wheel and the suspension.

But things are very well balanced and the car remains in perfect control of the one behind the wheel. Even the serious bumps are dealt with a great deal of composure and the ride remains smooth. The cabin remains devoid of vibrations.

Either there are the standard 16-inch tires that are fitted or the bigger 17 inches, the ride remains comfortable mostly. Even from low revs, the engine can successfully pull this car without any hesitation or lag. At higher speeds, the car moves as if the movement is some sort of play.

It is that much simple affair. The manual gear permits you to change gears smoothly and without any delay. Mini Cooper S engines replacement gives you a chance to enjoy this creation for a longer period and with a fresh start.

A strong front end grip

There are two driving modes to choose from but the one which is set by default when the car starts is the better one. It is called Mid. The second one which is the Green mode makes the steering heavy and bore without faster responses.

The brakes do not hit the stop abruptly as it may be dangerous for the car as well as the outer world. They come into effect slowly and impressively. With every push, some more pressure is exerted and there is a stop finally. With slow shifts, the car remains stable and secure.

The front tires show strong grip due to the Cooper Disk Brake. Even when you shift the car from brakes to movement there is no extra load stopping the car from doing so. It quickly adapts to the way induced on it. The charm of a Mini never dies.

There are many other hot hatches out there but this product always attracts attention for this category buyers. It is the shape or the flag and styling, for any aspect it is a winning formula.

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