Mercedes Sprinter Now Comes With Advanced Tech

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Mercedes Sprinter Now Comes With Advanced Tech

Mercedes Sprinter

With car-like features, there is something extra added to the van

You are bored from the routine boxes put on wheels for doing your work and want something new then look for a Mercedes Sprinter. Its exterior is striking, the interior is fit for the driver and front passenger and at the back, you get the most desirable cabin for loading any type of load. The floor is at an accessible height that makes it easy to load and unload goods. The recent update has brought about changes good for the progress of this vehicle. The difference is noticeable inside and at the loading area but the outside mainly remains the same. There is no boxy look and the nose is kept smart and pointed. This is to change those ordinary looking transports which only make the work difficult with that boring routine. Another advantage of having a Sprinter is that it comes with numerous variations. You can assemble your own vehicle just the way you want and get the exact order. Mercedes Benz engines are another treat to drive with goods in your back. There is also less emission level in a Mercedes Sprinter. You can overall rely on this van for your work days, for transferring articles or for carrying passengers.

Nice engine line-up

There has been a major change for the engine side where the older one is replaced by a front-wheel drive engine. The engines are however the same as before the 2.1-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel with three power outputs which reaches up to 177hp. Then the more powerful 3.0-litre engine with a 190 hp and 440 Nm of torque is the only six-cylinder engine in the category. An all-electric eSprinter will also be introduced in 2019 which will be a useful addition for the ones who are going to use it in the city.

The work assigned to this transport is a difficult one and with this heavyweight engines have to play their role for a successful job. The engines mentioned above give a really good pulling power for the fully loaded. Reconditioned Mercedes Sprinter engines make the pocket do less work to get a replacement whenever required.

Enough space inside

Well, this is the only thing to consider when you are going to buy this category locomotive. You can get as much space as you want in such a van. The front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vary in carrying load capacity and over here the rear wheel drive wins for carrying big numbers. The bigger panel vans have that tiny problem associated with them that they carry lesser load than the smaller ones. This is because they have to carry themselves as well as the items. For this, smaller vehicles are preferred for carrying more weight. But they are not feasible for carrying volume and there is when larger ones are needed which are also economical and pave the way for medium trucks also.

Mercedes has the variations to suit your need and this makes it available for everyone as anyone can find their desirable build for their business purpose.

You can rely on the safety side but keep your own eyes open too

There are many danger detecting equipment installed in the Sprinter ready to operate for the driver whenever needed. There is a power steering which became base for installing more modern features. The Distronic adaptive cruise control is present and traffic jams assist. But the Distronic system sometimes proves to be slow to sudden traffic condition changes and apply brakes roughly whenever it finally detect the problem. So you have to be alert yourself also to coop with such a situation. Then there is also available lane assist, driver fatigue detector which vibrates the steering if the continuous white line is being crossed.

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