Mercedes-Benz has Lost its Conventional Hardtop!

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Mercedes-Benz has Lost its Conventional Hardtop!


The retractable hardtop is ditched in favour of the conventional hardtop


Mercedes-Benz is certainly one of the most admired automakers in the world for their design, comfort and safety features. Hardtops are also known to be the speciality of its SLK-Class, SL-Class, and now the rumours are that Mercedes-Benz  is about to drop the hardtops in their next SL model.


The Mercedes is developing a new platform by the name of Modulare Sportwagen-Architektur (Modular Sportwagen Architecture) which will add force to the SLK in 2020 and the SL in around 2021, company’s prestigious sports cars. If this solution works out as planned, that would mean more parts are shared and the development cost to be cheaper.



This will also have greater performance advantage as it will provide a lower mounting position for engine and transmission. Besides that, the major change SL and SLK will be getting is the roof; to go for a more classic design, new SL will get a fabric top instead of its current folding hardtop. This new upgrade will trim down some weight as of the existing SL models. For SLK on the other hand, Mercedes-Benz is planning to stay with the existing retractable hardtop for some time. But one thing is for sure; both new models will get the hearts of the audience.


When the Merc is going for all these changes on the outside, how is it possible to forget the powertrains. There are rumours of Mercedes to use a 3.0-litre l-6 engine for SL which will churn out 365-hp and the other one will 435-hp. However, the SLK will be powered by four cylinder engines and a few of lower tuned inline-six engines.

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