Future Cars Likely to Use Golf Ball like Dimples for Aerodynamics

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Future Cars Likely to Use Golf Ball like Dimples for Aerodynamics

Golf Ball Like Dimples

Golf ball dimples give aerodynamic miracle to the ball and now automakers are planning to use these dimples on the cars



The aerodynamic miracle from the Golf ball could give a boost in fuel economy to cars of the future. Shape shifting Golf ball inspired materials could improve the car efficiency and decrease the drag forces on the car body. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a surface material for the cars that can be transformed from plain to dimpled surface with a push of a button. Scientists at MIT said that several panels applying on different surfaces of a car to make dimples would minimise the drag forces at different speeds and it would ultimately help increase fuel economy.





It is not a new principle but it was first used on the Golf balls in 19th century while in the 2014 FIFA World in Brazil also used textured surface footballs. The dimpled surface holds the airflow closer to surface for a long time and reducing the turbulent air behind body and it is the initial cause of drag on the rounded objects. The question is that why auto industry was not using it in past years? It is because; it may suit at lower speeds such as in the city areas. The results on the motorways and dual carriageways are not so impressive and advantages are reversed.


This innovative and smart morph-able surface or ‘smorph’ is such a major breakthrough and could get many real world mpg benefits, said scientists at the MIT research centre. This material has a solid and stiffer outer surface and it is covers the soft interior. By lowering the inside pressure outer skin shrinks to create dimples on the outer surface just like the transformation of smooth plums into wrinkled prunes.


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