Ford Transit a large size commercial van

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Ford Transit a large size commercial van

Ford Transit

Ford engine range peaks with 2.2 liter diesel machine fitted in largest model

Ford Transit in three different levels is available in the market and all of them perform exquisitely well. Large size commercial vehicles are being welcomed by the buyers after recession and new models have been designed to offer best fuel average. It has been designed and in Ford’s Dunton engineering center while 2.2 litre diesel engine has been built in Dagenham.

This year it will reach to North American auto market and for this reason you may notice certain changes to compete in this region of the world. So the car has reached to six continents that would surely an evidence of its exceptional performance over the years. Total variants reach to 450 and it is surprising for every one.

Roof height, engine power output, front, rear and all wheel drive options, wheelbase variation and cab or bus variants are all making this great number of options. Turbo diesel engine offers three dissimilar outputs and this four cylinders motor has six speed transmissions manual gearbox.

Cargo space and other engines of the range

Transit Custom has 2.0 litre engine with similar number of power variants. The same is available in numerous sizes and body designs. The smaller chassis of Connect and courier usually come with 1.5 litre fuel burners. Even the smaller 1.0 liter Eco-boost has been fitted to them.

The largest of the Transit vans has cargo space of more than fifteen cubic meter space. Another claim of Ford is of being the cheapest in class to own. Furthermore key features of the vehicle can be replaced at very reasonable price. Loading and unloading is rather easy because of large rear door.

Driving has become easier and more car like

New engineering excellence has pushed the company to claim driving of this big van is as easy as of a car. Interior of this vehicle is very much identical to all passengers’ cars of this manufacturer. Instruments you get in different trims make them good for particular purposes.

For the base level all three levels get same range of features and driver seat adjustment is only possible in Courier. For maximum storing spaces cabin has been designed according to demand. Charging points for 12 and 230 volts are also present. Refinement of engine is the most valuable attribute that keeps it quite close to a car like feel.

No wind or road noise get into the cabin and machine when pushed hard creates unwanted sound.

Rear view optional camera another useful addition

Driving a Transit is a nice experience and riding is smooth. Particularly when loaded you find the steering precise and consistent. Front visibility is excellent and this makes driving extremely easier.

Door mirrors do not allow any blind spot to be created. Rear view optional camera surely is a useful helper for the person on driving seat. The seats for passengers are comfortable but not supportive so this needs to be addressed timely.

For a good motorway speed 2.2 liter Transit turbo diesel engine with an output of 153bhp is right choice.

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