Ford 2.0 litre Diesel Engines Influence the UK Market?

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Ford 2.0 litre Diesel Engines Influence the UK Market?

Ford 2.0 litre engines now power the larger SUVs and are still selling in big numbers

Ford has introduced a number of engines and almost every unit remained very successful in the UK and Europe. The 2.0 litre Ford diesel engines are being widely used in the larger models as it has been introduced in Ford Edge SUV.


This larger vehicle is Ford’s most practical SUV and has been loaded with a great range of equipment. It offers noise cancellation that makes the cabin exclusively quiet and comfortable. It is one of the most comfortable models too and appeals the market with strong values.

What is Ford Edge?

The Edge is one of the largest SUV on the ford model line-up and it is ready to hit the UK shores with its new models but its older models have been in the game for a decade. Now the question is not when it was introduced in the UK but now the question is that what it is offering to the SUV lovers in the UK? Ford Edge offers a pair of diesel engines and these engines set the Edge apart in the model line-up. It is an exclusively cheaper and fuel efficient model.

An economical Family off-roader

Ford Edge is a large but economical off-roader. It is almost of the same size as Volkswagen Touareg but it is priced almost equal to Hyundai Santa Fe. Ford is expecting that the new Edge will definitely replicate the success of the XC60 in the UK.

It is a Volvo model and appeal to the market and family buyers. As you know that the UK market is full of luxurious and up-market SUVs where Jaguar F-Pace and Land Rover Discovery followed by the Mercedes-Benz GLC are dominating the UK market. All of these models are a real challenge for the new Edge.


Ford Edge to target the UK market

The all new Edge has been developed to sell around the globe and adjust it to some extent to the taste of the UK customers. It has been on sale for around a year and then it headed to the UK market to confirm that it was not only made for the USA markets.


Ford 2.0 litre diesel engines

Ford has power the Ford Edge with a pair of 2.0-litre diesel engines and both gearbox choices, an automatic and a manual followed by an all-wheel drive technology. The smaller 2.0-litre diesel engine is capable of cranking 180bhp of power and the other model is producing 210bhp with the aid of a bi-turbo.

The first model comes with six-speed transmission where there is not an automatic option available. At the same time, the bigger engine comes with a six-speed automatic transmission. It has also been equipped with Powershift technology to convert it into an all-wheel drive off-roader.

These features are available across the range as standard. Overall Ford Edge is a refined and clean SUV and it emits only 149g/km while the claimed fuel economy is claimed at less than 50 miles per gallon. And the benchmark sprint of zero to 62 miles per hour in just under 10 seconds.

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