First Hyundai Hydrogen Tucson Delivered

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First Hyundai Hydrogen Tucson Delivered

Hyundai Tucson Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Auto makers all around the globe are battling to win top place in the zero-emission car niche, the South Korean carmaker claimed its crown by delivering first hydrogen powered electric vehicle to a lucky customer

The battle is on, every car manufacturer is struggling to claim the biggest share in the zero emission electric vehicle segments, South Korean car maker Hyundai has been working on its hydrogen-powered engines instead and came up with the Hydrogen-Powered Hyundai Tucson.

Tim Bush, an insurance agent from Newport Beach, Calif., is the lucky man to get hold of the brand new Hyundai Tucson, said to be the very first delivery of hydrogen powered vehicle made to any retail customer in the U.S. by the South Korean car manufacturer.

Hyundai has launched a massive promotion campaign for Tucson – already in fleets in Europe and Korea – offering a $499-a-month lease in California including unlimited re-fuelling of hydrogen for full three years. Now that’s tempting.

Dave Zuchowski, CEO of Hyundai Motor America said that the fuel cell technology has never been intended to replace the electric vehicles, but they are seen as the next generation of electric vehicles with no compromises.

The hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will offer versatility and greater driving range than the conventional rechargeable cars like the BMW i3 hatchback and the Nissan Leaf.

The number of deliveries made to U.S. customers solely depends upon the number of hydrogen fuel stations currently available and will be available in the future. The California Energy Commission (CEC) is investing more than $47 million for the installation of 28 new hydrogen stations, along with the 10 already in operation and 16 more in phase of development.

According to what Zuchowski has said, this new Hyundai Tucson Hydrogen is capable of re-fuelling in a matter of few minutes and covering the driving range of almost 265 miles in one go.

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