Finally! Audi to shift to Hydrogen with the Q6

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Finally! Audi to shift to Hydrogen with the Q6

New Audi Q6

Audi to show hydrogen powered Audi Q6 at Detroit motor show 2016

Audi has announced that the automaker is looking to start hydrogen fuel powered vehicles and they are starting from Audi Q6 at Detroit Motor Show.

It is similar to the e-tron Quattro previewed at the previous Frankfurt Motor Show but it is not the same thing anyway.

What is coming to the Motor City?

Audi is rumoured to be bringing the hydrogen fuel cell powered concept to the Motor City in Detroit next month.

Reports site the German media where they claim the new concept will be called Q6 H-tron from the same MLB architecture as the E-tron Qwuatrro Concept shown earlier at Frankfurt Motor Show.

What it looks like?

However, it looks like the one previewed at Frankfurt Motor Show. The only addition is the low mounted hydrogen fuel cells that replace the battery packs.

A spokesperson of the Audi told media that a concept car with new drive technology will be shown to the world from the platform of Detroit Motor City.

What Audi believes?

It will be a safe bet because as Audi is coping with the diesel engine emission scandals for the last couple of months, this concept will help in shifting the public focus to an advanced alternative fuel source. It is definitely a shift of strategic planning to restore the Audi image.

Whatever Audi is coming with to the Detroit motor show, every news about the automaker will be presented to the public in the mid of next month.

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