Fiat Ducato is famous even in its very basic form

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Fiat Ducato is famous even in its very basic form


In the large commercial van category, this one is efficient, economical and has a high payload capacity

Fiat Ducato is among those vans that are supposed to deliver what they are made for. This one lies in the large van category that is for commercial use but can be used for personal. But just remember one thing that there is no extra sophistication here or the latest equipment that keeps you busy and sometimes distracted.

Some very important things make this one worth considering if one wants to keep things simple. First of all, there is a large payload capacity at the back which means that there can be lots of things of any height adjusted inside.

The second good aspect is that there is a good fuel economy associated with it which indicates that there is lesser money going to be burned during a long route especially. Finally, there is the efficiency that makes the engine more practical and vehicle affordable. Fiat Ducato Engines UK is going to be a good partner when serious damage occurs in the factory fitted.

You can have the engine replaced at a low price without any hassle. The issue is with the cabin which is too much simple and outdated. But those who are concerned with their work done properly and timely see it as a decent deal.

Multijet turbo diesel engines

The present engine that is fitted in the van is a 2.3-litre engine. There are four variants to choose from here and each delivers good performance and the capacity to carry the load. The 120 bhp form has with it a torque of 290 Nm.

The next one is 140 bhp having 350 Nm torque. The third is a 160 bhp engine having 380 Nm torque. The last one is 180 bhp and 400 Nm torque. The reason why there is the same engine capacity is due to the strict Euro 6D standards that are prevailing at the moment.

There were more engine capacities offered before but to meet the regulations the list was shrunk to one. The last two higher-powered engines have the option of automatic transmission. Fiat Ducato Engines for Sale keep the hassle away and replacing the engine is not a big problem.

The refinement factor has reduced to a large extent with the advancement of engines. This does cut marks for the van. But it is successfully used as a motor home due to the pulling power.

Riding and handling the van

Driving the van is a good experience without any complications. Fast rides become uncomfortable and especially when there is standard six-speed gear change installed. But it is all not that bad when one gets used to it.

The thing to understand is not to rush gear change and do not think it will respond quickly. So you have to take things slow. There is also a nine-speed automatic gear change which is available for limited trims. This gives a nice quick response and makes the action seamless.

The tires have small radius while turning and that helps in sharp turns and while parking in a cramped space. Faster cornering is however not liked by the vehicle and there is body roll and a little out of control feel the driver gets with it. The steering gives little feedback.

This makes the one behind the wheel feel unsure of where this large vehicle is exactly going to land. The engines are strong, all of them which gives an edge but they are not quite. And this is more apparent when the vehicle is at high speed. Fiat Timing Chain is also there in the market so if this major part gets to damage the owner can always have it changed.

Interior seating and space

The interior needs improvements. The issue is not that it is not built properly or not have the practicality. The issue is that the interior is missing the comfort which is there in leading brands. And that pinches the buyer.

The driver has to be mid-size or below 6 inches tall to get a comfortable position while driving. Also, the seats are not much support and make the work tiring especially the long journeys.

But the good thing is that there is seat adjustment available so the situation will improve a bit. Space for storing hand carries small or big is good. The folded small table between the seats give a good space for writing or putting a laptop on.

The technology side and reliability

The van is a simple thing to operate. There is a standard 5-inch screen fitted and a 7 inch is available. The upgraded version has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in it. There is Bluetooth connectivity present and air conditioning is also standard throughout but not in the base model.

Navigation is also offered in the van. The van is reliable and it must be as being the oldest in the category. But the materials used are not good to touch. These are substandard and the knobs make it even worse. But this does not matter when you are buying a van for work. These things matter more when one is going to have it for personal use.


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