Citroen C5 Performs well on all fronts

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Citroen C5 Performs well on all fronts

Citroen C5

So you rightly expect a very competitive car not only in appearance but also

Feedback from owners of a car helps prospective buyers to decide in favour or against purchasing it. Citroen C5 is a car with high reliability, spacious and plush interior and good engine performance so nothing wrong to recommend it for you. With comparatively short span, the last model of the car was released in 2017 and it was second generation’s last version.

Citroen launched it in 2001 and stop producing it after 16 years. Good performance of the car is achieved with its mechanical base and it was much similar to next in line C6. After the company has ceased its production now you can have Second Hand Citroen Engines for Sale. It has also been noticed that this French vehicle is much inspired by German highly rated cars.

While doing so some people believe the French peculiarity has lost but many others think it is good to follow the best in business. So you rightly expect a very competitive car not only in appearance but also of cabin and acceleration. At a glance, you will impress by its appealing body style and after getting you to notice cabin quality improvement so you can rate it as a premium product of Citroen.

Ride quality due to the fine interior and the excellent suspension is also excellent. List of standard specification is quite satisfactory and you can add further in it through trim packages. Space at rear for luggage is also very generous. In this way, it meets all standards of luxury cars.

Three different diesel engines

Among some drawbacks you may not be happy with the handling and rear-seat passengers’ headroom is also issue due to slanting roof at the rear. The exterior of the car is eye-catching and at front use of chrome has made it further interesting. The base model of the car has typical steel suspension but expensive models in the range have Hydractive 3, self-levelling suspension which makes ride cosseting.

In VTR model you get carpet ride experience on patchy surfaces. Recon Citroen C5 Engines UK is good to replace your car’s old power unit. Lane departure warning system has a special feature to intimate your error and it is vibration under your buttocks. Three different diesel engines 1.6 litres, 2.0 litre and V6 3.0 litre give you 110bhp, 158bhp and 237bhp respectively.

Not the other hand only petrol unit of 1.6 litres is available which gives you 154bhp and paired with six-speed manual seed transmissions. The V6 has standard auto six-speed transmissions while the other two can have an optional auto gearbox. These transmissions are sleek and you enjoy both manual as auto so acceleration is not delayed.

Another praiseworthy aspect of C5 is its safety features. Driver and passengers get good protection and driver also receive assistance to avoid collisions. It receives the best rating in a crash test of European standards.

The lane sensing system is splendid in this regard and Citroen was the first to introduce it in the United Kingdom. It has been regarded as one of the safest cars presently available to travel with your family.

Some features make it look far upscale

Interior of the car also has a mix of German and French characteristics. Centre console in feel and function is different from switches and stick-like gear lever so the clear amalgamation of two different origins is manifested in C5. Citroen Supply and Fitting Service let you keep driving your old car for another few years.

Some features make it look far upscale than the class it belongs to and these include flush folding air vents and shining aluminium door handles. Features’ controls are in access of driver and you reach to the desired feature without fussing. It is a big car so the interior is expected to be spacious.

Front seats of almost all cars have enough room and legroom problem always lie with rear seats’ occupants. In C5 you can adjust front seats in multiple ways by simple pressing of buttons. Legroom for rear seats’ occupants are generous but body design takes away a little bit of headroom. Boot space is generous and its volume is 533 litres and it is with spare wheel.

With so many vehicles in every class, it is difficult to maintain uniqueness

This generosity of Citroen continues in terms of equipment so you do not need to think of additional features. List of standard features includes climate control, electronically adjustable seats, splendid sound system with CD player and high-grade computer.

Frequent motorway cruisers can have satellite navigation and a massaging chair. Refinement is the best character of the car. With so many vehicles in every class, it is difficult to maintain uniqueness but Citroen C5 has maintained it. If you afford then the most powerful option of engines’ range 3.0 litre V6 should be your selection.

It reaches 60mph speed in just above 8 seconds. So the acceleration of this power unit is appreciated. This quick acceleration takes you to top speed of 150mph so on the motorway you can easily overtake. You do not need to press the pedal hard to make the machine work and it has been the character of all Citroen vehicles.


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