BMW M3 Saloon! A Sibling To M4 Coupe

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BMW M3 Saloon! A Sibling To M4 Coupe

The new BMW M3 saloon is loaded with everyday practicality offered by the M-Performance which also suggests that it may lack performance against the top range M4 Coupé.


The intrinsic driving features offered in the M3 saloon proved every bit of as compelling as offered in its nearest sibling, the M4 coupé. This new beauty is powered by BMW M division’s new twin-turbocharged 3.0 litre six cylinder straight engine. Although it has a huge low-end thrust yet it is incredibly easy to live with. It has a great in-gear storming qualities that makes the power unit more muscular than its previously used naturally aspirated 4.0 Litre engine, if you compare it with that old V8. You should not expect any bone crushing thrust offered by the small push of throttle or neither should you expect other alluring qualities as the swapped engines used to offer.

Folks who love to go classic will definitely go for a manual as they always do, but you should check out the dual clutch automatic M-DCT transmission that offers the M3 with great usability to match the performance stats to the same set of official figures as of M4 Coupe.

It is extremely agile anyways and covers zero to 62 miles per hour benchmark in just 4.1 seconds whereas a kilometre in just 21 seconds when you use manual gearbox but the automatic on the other hand, takes 4.3 seconds from 0-62 and 22.1 seconds to cover a distance of a kilometre.

The equality in performance figures is sported by the development boss of M-Performance division and he said; “We’ve run both cars extensively, both together and in separate tests,” he continues. “Apart from nuances in driving style between our engineers, they are all but inseparable in lap time.”

Driving performance control is the new feature offered in the new M3 that allow the driver to change the features and characters of M3 even while driving. It has three additional buttons on the console to control the programme to get best efficiency, Sport and Sport+ modes.

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